Winning five stars, Atletico took the lead in Group A 3Winning five stars, Atletico took the lead in Group A 3

Central midfielder Koke became Atletico Madrid’s hero in his third appearance in the group stage.

Koke started to make a difference when he finished accurately from close range at the beginning of the second half.

Atletico captain Diego Godin was also not to be outdone, contributing a goal with his forte header.

Atletico Madrid 5-0 Malmo

The win over Malmo is a big step forward on Atletico’s path to qualifying for the next round.

Contrary to the rain of goals that fell in the second half, the first half of the match did not have many disruptive situations.

Winning five stars, Atletico took the lead in Group A

Koke plays the conductor brilliantly.

Atletico’s slow start may stem from the reason coach Simeone replaced five players compared to last weekend’s win over Espanyol.

Malmo also had many injured players and had to make three changes from the recent match at the national championship.

Competing at Calderon, Malmo did not have psychological problems.

Like many recent matches, Atletico quickly regained their position by dominating the midfield.

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Unable to overcome Malmo’s defense in the first half, Atletico almost had to relearn the philosophy of `attacking a lot but not scoring goals, it’s easy to concede`.

Being patient with a small combination of play, hitting straight in the middle, Atletico was finally rewarded.

The opening goal acted like a blow that shattered the ice placed on Malmo’s half of the field.

Winning five stars, Atletico took the lead in Group A

Malmo only surrendered in the second half to the strong attack of the defending runner-up team.

After Emil Forsberg failed to equalize with a shot in the 59th minute, Malmo lost hope.

Not satisfied with what they did, Atletico continued to siege Malmo’s goal in the final period of the match and won big.

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