White House medical advisor refuted Trump 3White House medical advisor refuted Trump 3

Responding on CNN’s program on July 21, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, America’s top medical advisor, Fauci, reacted after President Trump said last weekend that he `has

`I mean everyone has their own opinion about my reaction to things. I consider myself a realist, not a panic-monger,` Mr. Fauci told CNN, when asked about the statement.

Previously, responding on Fox News Sunday July 19, the US President said: `Dr. Fauci made some mistakes, but for me it was very good, I talked to him yesterday. I have

President Donald Trump (left) and medical advisor Anthony Fauci at the Covid-19 press conference at the White House, in April. Photo: NYTimes.

Although the US President claimed he had a `very good` relationship with Fauci, he did not invite this expert to the White House press conference on Covid-19 scheduled for the evening of July 21.

`Up to this point, I assumed I would not be attending,` Fauci said, adding that the last time he spoke to the President about the pandemic was last weekend and that Trump did not give him advance notice of the public meeting.

The statement was made by America’s leading medical expert after recent tensions between Fauci and the Trump administration.

Earlier this month, an anonymous White House official wrote in a statement to CNN that Dr. Fauci `made mistakes about many things.`

During the early stages of the epidemic, Fauci was considered the leading scientific voice on the federal government’s response team, before disagreements occurred with Trump and his aides over the economic recovery plan.

When attending press conferences of the Covid-19 response team in March and April, Fauci gave many warnings about the danger of nCoV and called for taking it seriously.

A White House official said the President’s upcoming press conferences are not similar to the daily press conference on Covid-19, before it was stopped in April. `The President may or may not invite experts

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