When your lover is crazy about a hot Korean boy 0When your lover is crazy about a hot Korean boy 0

The `shimmering` image of Korean hot boys makes many young girls fall in love and idolize them.

We’ve been together for 5 months and thought it was normal for her to idolize a handsome male actor.

`When shopping for clothes, it must be a red checkered shirt, or the outer jacket must be a tight, gray shirt… while my clothing taste is loose for comfort,` Bien said.

She had no choice but to follow her lover’s wishes once or twice, but to the point of wanting to have the same hairstyle as her idol, Bien shook her head.

Always being compared to Kpop idols and being put in a position of always being beautiful made Bien feel self-conscious, and her dates were also boring: `The whole date, she was constantly flirting with me.

Not being compared to Korean actors, Dung (19 years old, Postal and Telecommunications Student) always has to behave like a Korean movie actor.

After the movie `Handsome Girl` was released, Dung’s girlfriend searched and waited in stores, bought discs to take home to watch passionately and then forced him to watch with the purpose: `You have to bring

`It’s okay when I’m free, but when I say I’m busy and she still wants to go get ice cream early in the morning, I can’t help it,` the student confided.

After that time, Dung broke up.

`Knows everything about his idol, remembers all the little details from his childhood, how many people he’s loved, but can’t remember which high school his boyfriend went to,

Knowing each other because they were regular customers at the record store on Hai Ba Trung Street, the two began a very interesting love story.

However, gradually she spent too much time following information about handsome oppas, making Nhat disappointed.

`I’m not narrow-minded, nor too selfish, but sometimes I wonder if she really loves me?`

Regarding this issue, psychologist Tran Thi Hang – An Viet Son Psychological Consulting Center shared that many guys have called to confide about their lover’s crazy behavior towards their idols and most of all.

It’s not uncommon for female fans to be crazy about hot Korean boys. They’re willing to live in another world to have time to take care of them, and it’s not uncommon to get enough information about their oppas.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Lan, from the Hanoi Psychological Consulting Center, advised, `Having an idol is not wrong, but girls should know how to clearly delineate boundaries, if they keep comparing their lover to them.

Dong Phuong Thao

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