What will Barca be like without Messi? 2What will Barca be like without Messi? 2

Messi joined Barca’s La Masia training facility in 2000, when he was just 13 years old.

Over the past 15 years, Barca’s playing style has always revolved around Messi.

Messi has always been a place for his teammates to look up to, and have been somewhat dependent on him for the past six years.

The Argentinian star was elevated and evolved into the world’s most comprehensive player during Pep Guardiola’s golden cycle.

Messi then combined with Luis Suárez and Neymar to form a super trio, helping Barca win another treble in 2015, this time under the reign of Luis Enrique.

Over the past years, when his teammates who had played with him one by one retired, left or got tired, Messi became the only bright spot of the aging and declining Barca team.

Waiting for Griezmann to become a new inspiration

With Messi gone, all eyes will be on Antoine Griezmann.

What will Barca be like without Messi?

Griezmann will have the opportunity to shine without being tutored in Messi’s large shadow like the past two years.

Since joining Barca in the summer of 2019, Griezmann has always been rumored to be in conflict with Messi, both in terms of relationships on and off the field.

Now, Griezmann has the opportunity to assert his position as a leader and source of inspiration at Camp Nou when he no longer has to play in the shadow of Messi.

Solve the middle position problem

According to the original plan, Barca recruited Aguero to combine with Messi in attack.

Depay, therefore, will likely become Barca’s new striker, even though his main role is as a winger.

Almost certainly, Griezmann will take on the role of conductor to replace Messi.

Unlike Messi, Griezmann is not exempt from defensive duties, as he often has to retreat to his home field to compete for the ball.

What will Barca be like without Messi?

Depay will likely be placed in the center forward role, because he is Coach Koeman’s true favorite player.

Diagram and personnel

Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho – the duo currently sidelined due to injury – are no longer in Barca’s plans.

In the opening match of La Liga against Real Sociedad on August 15, Barca will likely play with the trio of Depay, Griezmann and Aguero in attack, if Koeman chooses the 4-3-3 formation.

In case Koeman chooses a three-defender formation, as he used in the friendly match against RB Salzburg on August 5, Barca’s attack will be a combination of Depay and Griezmann.

But no matter which system they choose, Barca still has to free up salary funds and liquidate players before the new season starts.

Due to the consequences of Covid-19, many clubs have tighter spending budgets.

What will Barca be like without Messi?

The atmosphere at Barca is described as unhappy, after Messi definitely left, Aguero wanted to defect and many other players were uncertain about the future.

Hope from the results without Messi

Last season, Barca played seven official matches without the Argentine star in the squad, with an unbeaten record.

These results, even against opponents that are not too strong, show that Barca can still live well without the number one star in the club’s history.

The prospect of Barca having to play without Messi will, of course, still be difficult for the majority, who are always looking at and waiting for him.

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