What motivated Trump to 'spread the word' about postponing the election 8What motivated Trump to 'spread the word' about postponing the election 8

US President Donald Trump caused a stir yesterday when he proposed `postponing the election until people can vote properly, safely and reliably`.

According to NY Times commentator Alexander Burns, Trump clearly understands that no US president has the authority to postpone a federal election.

Therefore, Burns believes that this is just a `smudging` tactic by Trump, because he knows this proposal will never be approved by the Democrats who control the House of Representatives.

William Weld, former Republican governor of Massachusetts, said that Trump’s tweet is a sign that the US President is confused and lacking confidence in the current state of the country he is leading, especially during Covid.

`Too many people have died and the economy is in free fall, but what is his response? Postponing the election. That is a sign of unwillingness to face reality,` Weld said.

The proposal was made by Trump shortly after the US Department of Commerce reported that the country’s economy contracted by 32.9% in the second quarter, the worst decline since 1947 in the context of Covid-19 causing serious damage.

Commentator Burns said that in the midst of an economic recession besieging millions of Americans, any president must shoulder the responsibility of leading the government and providing a strong response to the crisis.

But instead, Trump was absent from economic recovery discussions this week, even as a key unemployment benefit was about to expire.

US President Donald Trump during a press conference at the White House on July 30.

In the health sector, instead of showing clear and consistent leadership on public safety, in the context of more than 155,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, Trump has given inconsistent and lacking messages.

He still promotes hydroxychloroquine, an unproven malaria drug effective against Covid-19, and demands the rapid reopening of schools and businesses, even as he declares it difficult to hold an election.

However, Democrats did not immediately call for blocking Trump’s idea of postponing the election, or once again pushing to consider dismissing the President.

Responding to Trump’s tweet, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi simply cited the constitutional provision that the parliament, not the president, has the right to set the national election date.

`Only Congress can change the election date. Regardless of the circumstances, we will not consider doing so to salvage the President’s incompetent and haphazard response to the pandemic, or to lead people to believe

After Trump’s post, some Republicans avoided reporters’ questions, while many flatly rejected the President’s idea.

`Since 1845, we have always held elections on the first Tuesday after November 1 every year and this year is the same,` said Republican senator Marco Rubio.

However, some of Trump’s allies still did not directly refute the President.

According to commentator Burns, Trump’s post about the election shows his loneliness in the government as well as the public.

However, there are also opinions defending Trump.

He also said that errors in mail voting could cause some Connecticut voters to be deprived of their legal right to vote.

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