What Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett 5What Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett 5

It’s not difficult to become a fan of Warren, especially after you’ve read the book `Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist`.

Lowenstein recounts interesting details in Warren’s biography from when he was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1930, bought his first stock at age 11, and then studied securities under the guidance of Professor Benjamin Graham at the University.

The author describes how he is always secretive about the types of stocks he buys for his company, but on the contrary, is extremely transparent in his guiding principle, which is to buy stocks at floor prices and persistently hold on to them.

The book described how Warren ran Berkshire Hathaway and used the profits to buy shares in other companies.

Readers will learn a lot of knowledge about investing and business after reading about Buffett, but they may not be able to successfully apply those lessons.

Bill Gates, his father and Warren Buffett on a trip to China.

Warren always follows his principles: When investing in a company, he always reads the entire annual report, as much as possible.

His long-term investment style is reflected in the quote: `You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because one day, a fool will climb to that position.`

He never believed that a successful company must have excellent employees.

He recruits capable directors for Berkshire-owned companies and often lets them manage them themselves.

My reaction to meeting Warren surprised even me.

What Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett

The two have a lot of similarities.

In fact, I felt extremely skeptical when my mother asked me to take a day off work to meet Warren Buffett on May 7, 1991.

But when I told my mother I was very busy and couldn’t go, she replied, `Kay Graham will come too.`

That morning, Kay, Warren and two other prominent journalists went to my family’s house outside Seattle.

He asked good questions and told informative stories.

Coming into contact with Warren, you can feel how much he loves his work.

Warren works very well with his cheeks.

Warren and I share a common interest in analyzing existing data in a different, novel but very clear way.

What Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett

Buffett and Bill Gates are very active in charity.

Another habit of Warren’s that I admire is that he is very good at saying `no.`

He also brought habits into investing.

Warren and I share certain values.

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