Warren Buffett's 3 habits 4Warren Buffett's 3 habits 4

Below are 3 habits of investment legends that CNN believes everyone can learn.

1. Never stop learning

In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Charlie Munger – Warren Buffett’s right-hand man shared one of the most important habits that helped him become successful today: `Buffett limits his activities.`

In fact, Buffett has found his strength, `lives and dies` with it no matter how difficult it is and constantly hones that skill.

Warren Buffett is known as the `Wise Man of Omaba`.

In the book `Outliers`, Malcolm Gladwell shares that anyone who wants to become an expert in a certain field, in addition to innate talent, must also include the element of hard work.

He gave the example of Bill Gates – sneaking out of his parents’ house every night to learn programming, or the Beatles – playing music 8 hours a day in many bars.

So does Buffett.

It doesn’t matter where this life takes you, or what your career is.

2. Patience is the key

In 2003, Buffett wrote: `We bought a few shares of Well Fargo last year. Of the six companies in which Berkshire holds the largest shares, the last time we had a transaction was Coca-Cola (1994).

In a letter to shareholders in 2010, he shared that for Berkshire to be successful, `we must not only do our current job well, but also make major acquisitions. The ammunition is fully loaded.`

Many people thought that Buffett was about to have a $10 billion deal.

If it is the case that there is no need to think too much and time is money, it is clear that quickly jumping into a deal will bring many benefits.

3. Recognize and praise deserving people

One of the final things to learn from Buffett is the way he praises his team of directors.

Or when he wrote about Todd Combs and Ted Weschler – who were in charge of the company’s major investments, Buffett said: `In a year when most funds could not `outperform` the S&P 500, Todd Combs and Ted

The same way he praised Tony Nicely in 2005: `Credit Geico (Berkshire’s insurance company) has a talented CEO, Tony Nicely. Last year, this company gained more market share, and its profits were also very commendable.

As the third richest person in the world with assets of more than 72 billion USD, Buffett is aware that, to be as successful as he is today, the contributions of others are as important as his own efforts.

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