Ms. Lien (Binh Duong) has suffered from bilateral hip pain for many years.

Receiving the patient in early July, Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh, Director of the Orthopedic Trauma Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, diagnosed Ms. Lien with injury, damaged hip joint, and head necrosis.

Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh said that before surgery, the patient’s hip joint data was digitized and put into the computer system, helping doctors measure and choose detailed surgical procedures.

Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh (second from left) and his team performed hip replacement surgery for the patient.

Unlike the traditional method, in the SuperPath technique, the doctor replaces the hip joint but does not need to cut the muscle and joint capsule.

The first hip replacement surgery was painless and recovered quickly. Ms. Lien agreed to replace the other hip joint in just a few days, without needing to rest for three months as planned.

Walked again after a year in a wheelchair thanks to a hip replacement

Ms. Lien walked on her own two days after hip replacement surgery.

One week after surgery, she was able to walk on her own and return to her daily life.

`After more than a year in a wheelchair, I can walk on my own two feet. I’m as happy as living again,` Ms. Lien said.

Doctor Nam Anh said that cases of osteoporosis and bone degeneration where conservative treatment is ineffective, the femoral head has extensive necrosis, the hip joint is severely damaged, and femoral neck fractures in the elderly… may be possible.

At 8:00 p.m. on July 18, the online consultation program `Artificial hip replacement, advantages of hip replacement surgery without muscle cutting` will be broadcast on VnExpress fanpage.

The program had the participation of Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh, Director of Orthopedic Trauma Center, Tam Anh General Hospital System;

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