Vietnamese students are poor at English because their teachers pronounce them wrongly 10Vietnamese students are poor at English because their teachers pronounce them wrongly 10

Regarding the story `The contrasting picture of teaching and learning English in high schools`, many VnExpress readers believe that the cause of poor communication among Vietnamese students comes from the reverse teaching method in elementary schools.

Facilities only require a computer with an internet connection for the teacher, a large TV to connect from the computer, and a set of speakers for the students to listen to.

I think students in high school are studying for paper-based exams, so they are still inclined to study more grammar and vocabulary for the exam, less communication and speaking.

Studying outside the center is more free and encourages students to learn more. Learning from pronunciation will be the shortest way to learn English.

Regarding teachers, they don’t have to be foreign teachers. Vietnamese teachers are very good at English and understand the students’ feelings and aspirations to solve problems very well.

Our method of teaching English in high schools goes against the natural development of humanity, so it is very difficult to achieve the desired results.

There is one thing that must be said frankly, the reason why high school students always feel dumbfounded when listening to English is because during the learning process they are used to hearing wrong pronunciation from teachers, this is even more harmful because over the years it has become a habit.

Perhaps it’s because the curriculum is too boring, uncreative, heavy on chapters and quotes, light on listening, speaking, and communication.

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