Types of adultery 6Types of adultery 6

All of the following types of infidelity are dangerous, but in different ways, and their effects on marriage are not the same.

Adultery like a `two-faced person`

This situation often occurs when the betrayer has very little emotional attachment to their partner.

However, they do not leave their `other half`.

`Two-faced` cheaters often do everything they can to hide their secret relationship and always try to appear normal.

When criticized, they often make excuses like `But my spouse is very happy. In fact, when I cheated, I became a better husband/wife.`

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Adultery thought

This type of infidelity is just as shocking and destructive to a marriage as physical infidelity.

Obviously, this is not friendship.

Adultery like `one night stand`

This type of adultery is often unplanned, impulsive, while the `other half` is absent.

The vast majority of people who have one-night stands want to preserve their marriage and feel guilty and afraid of being discovered.

Having an affair because `I’m too unhappy in my marriage`

People who cheat say they are unhappy in their marriage and feel they no longer love their partner, or see their `other half` as a brother or sister and no longer have love between them.

These types of affairs are often rooted in friendship and become romantic over time.

Although the people involved are often not aware of this, the secrecy makes them desire each other even more.

Continuous adultery/Sex addiction

Most people who cheat in this way have a series of sexual partners.

Most sex addicts don’t want to lose their family.

They may feel trapped between internal conflicts.

Having an affair to find love

These types of adulterers also repeatedly have extramarital affairs, but unlike sex addicts, these illegal relationships are more emotional, although often still involve sex.

The goal of these type of cheaters is to find someone who is truly suitable for them.

Adultery for revenge

Some people have extramarital affairs to get revenge for being betrayed or mistreated by their partners.

In some extreme cases, they even complacently explain their adultery.

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