Two US aircraft carriers continue to conduct exercises in the East Sea 2Two US aircraft carriers continue to conduct exercises in the East Sea 2

`The Nimitz and Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike groups are operating in the South China Sea, where international law allows, to strengthen America’s commitment to allies and partners, as well as the Indian Ocean region –

The US Navy said 12,000 soldiers from two aircraft carrier groups are coordinating to conduct tactical air defense exercises to ensure combat capacity and the ability to respond to all emergency situations.

Two US aircraft carrier groups practiced in the East Sea on July 6.

`The presence of two aircraft carrier groups in the East Sea is not intended to respond to specific political events in the world, but is part of regular training to maintain combat coordination. The US Navy has

This is the second joint exercise of two US aircraft carriers in the East Sea.

The second round of aircraft carrier exercises was held three days after the US State Department on July 13 posted a statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which rejected most of China’s sovereignty claims in the East Sea.

The US Secretary of State affirmed that he will stand side by side with the international community to protect freedom of navigation, respect sovereignty and oppose any move to use force in the East Sea and the region.

In recent years, China has shown its strength in the East Sea far beyond its traditional boundaries.

`Peace, stability, cooperation and development in the East Sea are the common aspirations and goals of countries in the East Sea, the region and the international community. Respecting the legal order at sea and fully implementing

The spokesperson emphasized that Vietnam hopes other countries will make efforts to contribute to maintaining peace, stability, cooperation in the East Sea and resolving disputes through dialogue and other peaceful measures according to the law.

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