Two types of Chinese fighter aircraft are suspected of being sent to Hoang Sa 0Two types of Chinese fighter aircraft are suspected of being sent to Hoang Sa 0

China’s JH-7 fighter bomber.

On February 23, the US news agency Fox News quoted sources from the country’s intelligence agency as saying that China’s Shenyang J-11 fighter jets and Xi’an JH-7 fighter bombers had recently appeared.

This information was released just a few days after the news agency posted satellite photos showing that China had blatantly deployed two HQ-9 anti-aircraft missile batteries on Woody Island.

Xi’an JH-7 is a fighter-bomber nicknamed Flying Leopard, produced by Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group, and equipped in the Chinese naval air force.

China’s SINA website believes that with recent upgrade packages, the JH-7 Flying Leopard is fully capable of detecting and shooting down America’s advanced stealth aircraft F-22 from a medium distance.

According to Chinese media, Phi Bao is equipped with electronic warfare technology that is not inferior to the US EA-18G electronic attack aircraft, which can neutralize the F-22’s stealth capabilities, even

According to some Chinese military experts, the JH-7 has a combat radius and speed equivalent to the J-11 fighter, and when flying in conjunction with these fighters, it can form a shield.

With a payload of about 6.5 tons, in addition to carrying electronic warfare assets, the JH-7 is also said to be able to mount medium-range anti-radiation air-to-air missiles capable of shooting down combatants.

However, international military analysts point out that the JH-7 is an ancient aircraft, built in the early 1970s, and has encountered many problems with engines, controls and weapons.

Two types of Chinese fighter aircraft are suspected of being sent to Hoang Sa

Chinese media claim that the JH-7 is capable of detecting and launching missiles to destroy the F-22.

Even though it has undergone a number of upgrades, observers believe that China’s JH-7 fighter-bomber is still not as good as Russia’s very old aircraft, the Su-24.

J-11 ‘fake’ fighter

This is not the first time China has been accused of sending J-11 fighter jets to Woody Island.

The J-11 fighter is a weapon that plays a key role in the Chinese air force today, with hundreds of them currently in service.

In 1990, China’s Central Military Commission decided to buy 24 Su-27s, the most advanced fighter produced by the Soviet Union at that time.

With the Su-27s in hand, Chinese aviation engineers from the Shenyang Aircraft Group quickly researched and imitated the design and technology to produce `imitation` J-11 and transform it.

According to international military analysts, by sending the J-11 to Hoang Sa, the Chinese air force can extend its operating range by 1,000 km to the south, and if the Liaoning aircraft carrier is deployed.

However, military expert David Tsui of Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, said that the J-11 fighter is only effective enough to perform defensive missions, without the advanced capabilities to be launched.

Two types of Chinese fighter aircraft are suspected of being sent to Hoang Sa

J-11 landed on the runway on Woody Island last year.

`China realizes that its main rival is the United States, which will likely immediately become involved in territorial disputes if the Chinese military uses force to resolve disagreements in the South China Sea,` Tsui

According to this expert, while the J-15 Flying Shark fighter taking off and landing from an aircraft carrier can compete with the US F-18, the main fighter J-11 and its variants cannot.

When participating in an exercise with the Thai army last year, Chinese pilots were shocked to find that their J-11 fighter always took off up to a minute slower than the JAS 9 Gripen due to

Although the Liberation Army Daily said that the J-11’s slower takeoff was due to Chinese pilots using the wrong runway due to shortcomings in training, observers said that the WS-10 engine

`These fighters can only play a limited role in the East Sea, and mainly perform defensive functions, because they are all quite outdated aircraft models, making it difficult to compete with fighters.

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