Two Kilo submarines passed through Africa to Vietnam 0Two Kilo submarines passed through Africa to Vietnam 0

Kilo submarine at Admiralty Verfi factory.

Information about the journey of the two submarines was provided by the Voice of Russia station from Mr. Victor Litovkin, a Russian military expert.

According to the plan, the Admiralty Verfi factory will hand over the first two submarines to the ordering party in September. The third will be tested at the end of the year.

These submarines are part of the contract to supply 6 Kilo-class submarines signed during Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s official visit to the Russian Federation in 2009. Besides shipbuilding, the contract also includes training.

The two ships `Hanoi` and `Ho Chi Minh City` have successfully undergone factory trials and state trials, successfully carrying out many deep dives.

These submarines were built at the `Admiralty Shipyard` in Saint-Petersburg.

Explaining to the Voice of Russia reporter, military expert Viktor Litovkin said: In Russia, submarines are named Varshavyanka and their international identity is Kilo.

Russian military experts analyzed: `Any country with a sea boundary needs a submarine to ensure safety. Because underwater it can perform many tasks that a surface fleet cannot solve.

Kilo is the most advanced submarine in the world today.

Kilo submarines are equipped with `Club` missile complexes capable of launching firepower at targets at a distance of up to 300 km. The unique special feature of these submarines is extremely low noise, making it difficult to

According to the Voice of Russia, the main job of weapons factories in Russia is to fulfill orders for the country’s army and navy, and then foreign customers.

According to Vietnam+

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