Trump's unfinished commitment to reviving American manufacturing 3Trump's unfinished commitment to reviving American manufacturing 3

The promise was made by US President Donald Trump in 2018 at the groundbreaking ceremony of Foxconn’s $10 billion factory in Wisconsin, which is expected to hire 13,000 workers to produce flat-screen TVs right in the heart of America.

This month, the Wisconsin state government denied tax subsidies to Foxconn, because the factory did not make good on its local investment commitments.

The report said the Foxconn factory appeared to be mainly used for product storage, rather than as a `manufacturing facility` as originally planned.

President Donald Trump (left) and Foxconn chairman Terry Gou (center) at the groundbreaking ceremony of a new factory in Wisconsin in 2018. Photo: NYTimes.

Foxconn’s failure to create the `8th wonder` as described by Trump shows that its promise to revive the US manufacturing industry has not been fulfilled.

In the first debate with candidate Joe Biden in September, President Trump announced that he had brought 700,000 manufacturing jobs to the US, after accusing the Barack Obama administration of neglecting this sector.

`The president likes to come show he’s engaged and making things happen,` said Matthew Jewell, a professor of science and engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Clair, who hopes his students can

However, those unfulfilled promises may not matter to Trump’s base of voters, who see the President’s statements on manufacturing and cooperative efforts as evidence that he is fighting

Analysts say Trump’s policies have weakened his efforts to revive the manufacturing industry.

Trump’s tariffs on foreign steel, aluminum and $360 billion in Chinese goods have dealt a blow to the manufacturing sector, which has been in recession since last year.

Last month, President Trump invited Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors, to the White House to hear a report on the company’s new electric pickup truck.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority said it required G.M. to repay $28 million in tax credits and invest $12 million in Mahoning Valley because of the decision to close the Lordstown assembly plant.

After the deal with Lordstown Motors, some G.M. employees were transferred to other factories, but the Lordstown Motors factory currently has only 50 engineers.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio welcomed the new company, but criticized President Trump for not doing more to protect G.M.

`He came with a lot of promises, but then the workers had to fend for themselves,` Brown said.

President Trump’s persuasion ability is sometimes only partially effective.

Many other companies even ignored the US President’s request.

The US President has called for a boycott of Harley-Davidson and threatened to impose new taxes.

By last year, the White House owner seemed to have let go of his `resentment` with this company.

During this year’s re-election race, Trump repeatedly praised himself for creating the strongest US economy in history, while ignoring many of the consequences of his policies.

President Trump imposed tariffs on imported global steel products at the beginning of his term, to temporarily increase prices and help American manufacturers.

American Steel Corporation in Illinois, where Trump visited in 2018, announced plans to lay off 700 workers this year, while the Pittsburgh-based company said in May it would cut about 2,700 employees.

Trump's unfinished commitment to reviving American manufacturing

President Trump visits the U.S. factory.

However, observers say that President Trump has also had some success when intervening in employment projects that the government directly manages.

The White House boss also attacked the company’s CEO for being overpaid and warned of more layoffs before the Tennessee Valley Authority changed its decision.

Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said Trump’s tariff measures have been effective in forcing many companies to keep jobs at home.

`In Biden’s world, jobs will disappear,` Mr. Navarro said.

As for Foxconn, Mr. Navarro said the company is helping the US compete in a field dominated by China and rejected the idea that the company did not meet its 2019 investment target, saying it was due to Covid-19.

Foxconn said last week that it remained committed to the state of Wisconsin, but did not provide details on the matter.

In an interview with a Milwaukee television station last week, President Trump affirmed that if he is re-elected, Foxconn will fulfill all commitments to the state of Wisconsin.

`They will do what I told them to do,` Mr. Trump said.

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