'Trumpism' prevents Biden from healing America 4'Trumpism' prevents Biden from healing America 4

The US presidential election is almost over with 306 electoral votes for Joe Biden, far exceeding his opponent Donald Trump, who won 232 votes.

However, President Trump resolutely refused to admit defeat, even joining his allies and supporters in accusing Democrats of `stealing the election` through widespread fraud.

Although Trump did not provide any convincing evidence for these accusations, and is unlikely to reverse Biden’s victory, the accusations and controversies that he ignited in the heart of America are expected to cast a shadow.

`If Trump continues to say that the election was fraudulent and stolen, it is likely that a significant portion of his voters will feel that his successor is truly a usurper and that the new administration is unjust.

US President-elect Joe Biden at a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 10.

Four years ago, Trump was considered a `dark horse` in the race for the White House thanks to his anti-illegal immigration stance and populist policies.

Although Biden won the highest number of popular votes in US presidential election history, as of November 12, more than 77 million votes, Trump also won more than 72 million votes, 10 million higher than his previous achievement.

Despite predictions that support for Trump among white women and the elderly has dropped sharply this year, Professor Smith said there is `not much evidence that it has weakened`.

This comment parallels a phenomenon mentioned by Myiah Hutchens, a political communication scholar at the University of Florida, in which `politics is increasingly tied to social identity.`

`The notion that politics is an ‘us and them’ confrontation is growing,` Hutchens said.

According to AP research, based on a survey by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, Trump’s 2016 supporters were mainly white men, white voters without college degrees,

Biden received support from women, people with college degrees, young people, people of color, Hispanics and Asians.

`The data seems to prove that Trump has done a better job attracting black voters than many people thought during the campaign,` said Maresa Strano, a policy analyst at the New America think tank in Washington.

In addition, Trump’s steadfast refusal to admit defeat, conducting lawsuits everywhere and calling for recounts in many battleground states is said to also hinder the Biden administration’s efforts to unite the country in the future.

`I won the election, received 71 million legal votes. Bad things happened, while our supervisors were not allowed to witness. This is unprecedented.

However, Trump’s statements are spread on cyberspace, there are countless extremist political news sites and conspiracy theories that are believed by more people than reputable news agencies.

`We are in a situation where there are many ‘truths’ coexisting, and each ‘truth’ has its own news ecosystem, which provides all the information needed to prove the fact without

Moran gave the example of a photo showing 2020 ballots being trashed that was shared by many conservative news sites, picked up by commentators and influencers, and spread further.

'Trumpism' prevents Biden from healing America

Controversial elections in American history

Controversial elections in American history.

The far-right group QAnon also spreads a conspiracy theory that Trump is fighting a `deep state` of powerful politicians who sexually abuse children and worship Satan.

Scholar Hutchens added that fake news can exist on both sides of the partisan divide, and people often follow extremist political media channels more than mainstream news sites.

Analyst Strano assessed that the `persistent impact` of Trump’s statements and the tendency to believe in conspiracy theories will `definitely` affect Biden’s work in the White House.

Looking more generally, experts say this situation is related to the American people’s increasing distrust of the government.

Smith gave the example of many Americans not believing advice from experts on measures to prevent the spread of nCoV, such as wearing masks.

`This goes beyond distrust of the other side, but also skepticism of any organization that shares its views. This situation is deeply rooted,` Smith added.

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