The Trump - Biden divide hinders the US from 'building' vaccine confidence 5The Trump - Biden divide hinders the US from 'building' vaccine confidence 5

For their part, Joe Biden’s team knows that in order to encourage Americans to get the Covid-19 vaccine, their biggest obstacle is convincing groups supporting President Donald Trump, who are always hesitant about vaccines.

A health policy adviser on Biden’s transition team said some names being considered for the position include Fox News host Sean Hannity or Senator Rand Paul.

Meanwhile, Trump and his allies continue to push inconsistent messages about nCoV, downplaying basic medical guidelines and promoting misinformation about treatments, making them

Trump aides say the President won’t want to help Biden.

`Biden’s right-wing lens is a disservice to the nation at this difficult time,` said Bryan Lanza, who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and remains close to the White House.

Joe Biden (right) and President Donald Trump at the final debate on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

These are just the latest signs that partisan divisions are hindering America’s ability to fight the pandemic, even as political leaders largely agree on the goals to be achieved.

`The best way for Trump to take credit for vaccines is for him to support scientists and scientific processes, thereby helping people have confidence in vaccines,` Georges Benjamin, head of the Medical Association

On January 20, Biden will take over the US vaccination effort, a task considered challenging for the new administration.

And the group that needs the most convincing is probably the Republicans.

Many researchers say `novel strategies` are needed to convince these people to agree to participate in vaccination efforts in the US.

However, Biden’s team has not yet discussed asking Trump to participate in the vaccination effort, because this is considered a bet with attractive rewards but very high risks, according to sources close to Biden.

`Not only because he is very unpredictable, but should you let the person who has the most confrontation with public health become the messenger for vaccines?`, this source said.

In addition, a health policy advisor on Biden’s transition team added that in order to coordinate with Trump on vaccines, Biden needs to be willing to give more credit to the Trump administration.

The Trump - Biden divide hinders the US from 'building' vaccine confidence

Nurse Sandra Lindsay (left), the first person to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in the US at Long Island Jewish Medical Center on December 14.

However, Trump’s team believes that Biden will not give the outgoing president this kind of respect.

Even a senior Trump campaign aide said the new vaccine should be called the `Trump vaccine.`

`Why not? Other vaccines take several years. We only did it in one year. This is unprecedented,` Lanza said.

Marc Lotter, a senior assistant to the Trump campaign, said that Americans will remember Trump’s contributions to vaccines for years after the pandemic subsides.

However, observers say that when the Trump and Biden groups are as deep a hole of suspicion and partisan division as they are today, it seems unlikely that the two sides will cooperate to carry out a constructive campaign.

As a result, although both leaders of the country claim to want to promote the vaccination campaign to eradicate the pandemic, the division between them makes expectations of a common effort far away.

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