The tragedy of five girls who became 'bait' for tourism 2The tragedy of five girls who became 'bait' for tourism 2

During nine years, from 1934 to 1943, about 3 million people flocked to the tourist hotspot Quintland in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

To get to this remote place, tourists had to go through a journey that was not easy.

The tragedy of 5 girls who became tourist ‘bait’

Millions of tourists have flocked to Quintland to see the strange birth of quintuplets.

Quintland is a modern building with gardens and high fences.

At each viewing, the lobby can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time.

The tragedy of five girls who became 'bait' for tourism

Quintland at that time was an attractive and crowded tourist destination even more than Niagara Falls.

Those 5 girls are the most famous quintuplets in Canada and the world in the 1930s and until now.

The girls are named Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile and Marie.

When the children were 4 months old, the Ontario government discovered it and stripped the Dionnes of their right to care for their children.

Because of the appeal of children, Quintland quickly became a tourist hot spot in the country.

When they were 9 years old, their parents won the lawsuit and won custody of their children.

Here, the girls continue to work to earn money to support their families.

The small house adjacent to Quebec, where the 5th child was born, and the spacious house their parents later bought with their daughter’s money, quickly became tourist attractions.

At the age of 19, all five moved out of the house they lived in with their parents.

One of the five sisters, Emilie, later lived in a convent and died at the age of 20 from a stroke.

At the age of 21, the Ontario government divided four girls, each with nearly $200,000 from the huge profits they brought.

The tragedy of five girls who became 'bait' for tourism

When she was 82 years old, Cecile was tricked by her son into selling her house, taking all the money and then leaving without a trace.

In an interview in 2016, a conversation with the press after nearly 20 years of not appearing in public, Cecile said she had suffered from depression when she was young because of her life.

The life of this year’s born also received sympathy from public opinion.

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