The sick life in old age of the director of 'Miss Luu's Life' 4The sick life in old age of the director of 'Miss Luu's Life' 4

Huynh Nga is the director of many famous operas.

Ms. Nguyet – director Huynh Nga’s wife – shared that since the end of 2012, the artist was hospitalized with a digestive disorder and then became unable to control her personal hygiene.

Director Huynh Nga became thinner and had difficulty communicating due to frequent shortness of breath.

The family often had to keep an eye on the director, just letting him move around the house on his own.

People’s Artist Huynh Nga (right) and his wife.

Sick and living in a cramped house, the old artist received thoughtful care from his family and the shared concern of his colleagues.

Director Huynh Nga’s wife moved back to live with him after the artist had a life with his wife.

For many years, the family of 13 members (including the artist and his wife, three sons and five grandchildren) have lived together in a collective apartment of more than 60 square meters.

The sick life in old age of the director of 'Miss Luu's Life'

Bed and desk in director Huynh Nga’s private room.

The director also confided that since being sick at home, he has been soft and gentle with his children.

In the interrupted story, director Huynh Nga confided that he was aware of his medical condition and gently accepted death.

When hearing the news that People’s Artist Huynh Nga was hospitalized, artists and directors also regularly visited and encouraged her.

`Mr. Huynh Nga has a strong mark in each of our lives. Whenever there is a problem in the theater world, when he appears, everything is resolved smoothly. At work, he only summarizes, suggests, even

The sick life in old age of the director of 'Miss Luu's Life'

Artist Ngoc Giau (left) visited Huynh Nga while he was in the hospital.

People’s Artist Huynh Nga’s real name is Huynh Van Thach, born on November 15, 1932 in Moc Hoa district – Long An.

Having been classically trained in drama, when she returned to the South after 1975, Huynh Nga fell in love and became famous with many reformed plays that captivated audiences at that time.

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