The secret behind Chelsea's number one position in the Premier League 2The secret behind Chelsea's number one position in the Premier League 2

Chelsea has never lost the top spot in the Premier League this season.

Mourinho has won the national championship on all seven occasions when his teams were top of the league at Christmas: twice with three teams, Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan, and once with Real Madrid.

Mourinho won the national championship all seven times his team led the Christmas tournament, like the current season.

When Chelsea took the lead in the tournament on December 25, 2004, they created a gap of five points compared to the second team.

Mourinho’s team is also rated higher thanks to its superiority in other statistical indicators: the number of scoring opportunities created, the effectiveness of dribbling the ball past people, the ability of the pillars to cover the field, and the efficiency of the team.

The secret behind Chelsea's number one position in the Premier League

With Hazard and Fabregas, Chelsea owns two of the best stars in the Premier League currently in terms of passing and creating skills.

Chelsea owns the number one conductor in the Premier League.

Eden Hazard is behind teammate Fabregas in creating opportunities, but he is the best dribbler and dribbler in the Premier League after 17 rounds.

Top players who create scoring opportunities this season

54 chances – Fabregas, Chelsea

52 – Downing, West Ham

47 – Tadic, Southampton

44 – Sanchez, Arsenal

43 – Sterling, Liverpool

43 – Hazard, Chelsea

42 – Eriksen, Tottenham

41 – Sigurdsson, Swansea

36 – Baines, Everton

35 – Gerrard, Liverpool

Top players who dribble well this season

134 times – Hazard, Chelsea

131 – Bolasie, Crystal Palace

113 – Sterling, Liverpool

99 – Montero, Swansea

98 – Sanchez, Arsenal

93 – Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal

85 – Lamela, Tottenham

85 – Sissoko, Newcastle

75 – Aguero, Man City

72 – Mahrez, Leicester

Not only do they have smart, creative and technically skillful players, Chelsea also owns two representatives in the group of five players who moved the most after 17 rounds.

A bright championship candidate needs to have a healthy spine.

The secret behind Chelsea's number one position in the Premier League

With Matic, Chelsea has a solid foundation in the middle of the field, helping players above like Hazard and Fabregas unleash their creativity.

In the group of best tacklers, Nemanja Matic ranked second with 62 successful blocking attempts, only behind Southampton right-back Nathaniel Clyne (73) – a defensive star who is favored by both Man Utd and Liverpool.

Top players who traveled the most this season (in km)

195.5 – Livermore, Hull

193.6 – Ki, Swansea

190.7 – NZonzi, Stoke 188.9 – Fabregas, Chelsea 186.4Matic, Chelsea

186.3 – Colback, Newcastle

185.5 – Eriksen, Tottenham

184.5 – Janmaat, Newcastle

180.3 – Sigurdsson, Swansea

179 – Cresswell, West Ham

Top successful tacklers

73 times – Clyne, Southampton62 – Matic, Chelsea

62 – Jedinak, Crystal Palace

54 – Kelly, Crystal Palace

54 – Livermore, Hull

52 – Gardner, West Brom

51 – Wanyama, Southampton

51 – Boyd, Burnley

49 – Janmaat, Newcastle

48 – De Laet, Leicester

Man City has Yaya Toure as the player with the most successful passes after 17 rounds, but Chelsea’s Fabregas is not far behind in this index.

Top players with the number of successful passes

1285 – Toure, Man City

1205 – Fabregas, Chelsea

943 – Jagielka, Everton

940 – Matic, Chelsea

912 – Barry, Everton

867 – Ki, Swansea

855 – Fonte, Southampton

836 – N’Zonzi, Stoke

828 – Gerrard, Liverpool

798 – Williams, Swansea

Top players with the most passes in the final third of the opponent’s field

540 – Hazard, Chelsea

535 – Fabregas, Chelsea

459 – Toure, Man City

445 – Cazorla, Arsenal

424 – Sanchez, Arsenal

383 – Eriksen, Tottenham

350 – Ramsey, Arsenal

349 – Silva, Man City

347 – Oscar, Chelsea

338 – Nasri, Man City

Neither Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois nor Man City’s Joe Hart are in the group of goalkeepers with the most saves.

The secret behind Chelsea's number one position in the Premier League

Courtois is currently the goalkeeper who has conceded the least number of goals in the first 17 rounds of the Premier League.

David De Gea, the highest-rated goalkeeper in the Premier League this season, has made 50 saves for Man Utd, but it seems he still doesn’t have to work as busy as the goalkeepers of small and medium-sized clubs.

Goalkeepers with the most saves

63 – Green, QPR60 – Guzan, Aston Villa56 – Heaton, Burnley53 – Adrian, West Ham51 – Lloris, Tottenham50 – De Gea, Man Utd49 – Fabianski, Swansea49 – Foster, West Brom48 – Schmeichel, Leicester38 – Speroni, Crystal Palace38 – Szczesny,

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