The rise of Vietnamese tourism worries Thailand 2The rise of Vietnamese tourism worries Thailand 2

According to Bangkokpost, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is concerned that Vietnam, a country considered a rising star in the ASEAN region, will attract more Korean tourists than Thailand.

One of the measures this country uses to attract visitors, specifically those from South Korea, is attractive tourism prices, good infrastructure as well as addressing threats that discourage tourists from visiting.

Korea is one of the 5 East Asian countries with the highest number of visitors to Thailand, while Thailand also ranks 4th among countries with outbound numbers to Korea.

In 2015, the number of Korean visitors to Thailand increased by 22%, reaching 1.37 million people, while Vietnam welcomed more than 1.1 million Korean visitors, an increase of 31%.

Siriges-a-nong Trirattanasongpol, head of the TAT office in Seoul, Korea, said: `Vietnam will be Thailand’s main competitor in the Korean tourist market in the next 5 years. Tourism infrastructure

In addition, Vietnam is becoming a popular destination for tourists because there are many new things, especially vacation spots near the beach.

However, TAT still confidently affirms that traveling to Thailand is more fun than in Vietnam, and currently the situation in this country is more peaceful thanks to political stability.

TAT is also creating many new tourism products with the aim of improving the market segment for women, family groups and many incentives.

TAT has teamed up with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to promote more trips by providing fun activities such as organizing a Muay Thai class for 100 people.

`Safety is a big concern. If Thailand can resolve these issues, it will boost domestic tourism significantly, attracting not only the Korean market but also many other international markets

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