The reason why Son Tung's MV 'Lac Drift' set a viewership record 3The reason why Son Tung's MV 'Lac Drift' set a viewership record 3

Lac drift was released at exactly 0:00 on January 1, 2017.

The MV is causing a fever for many reasons, including the heat from the name Son Tung M-TP itself.

Many people who are not fans of Son Tung are interested in how he will sing, what the MV idea is, whether there will be plagiarism or imitating anyone, because Son Tung’s previous musical products always seem to get into trouble.

1,000 fans lined up to watch Son Tung M-TP’s new MV

In addition to external factors, Lac drift also causes fever thanks to its own factors.

The video Lac drift is built in a historical style, telling the story of a king who, despite being at the peak of his power, is still lonely because he cannot have true love.

The trend of historical MVs has been popular with many international artists in recent years, especially in China and Korea.

The reason why Son Tung's MV 'Lac Drift' set a viewership record

Son Tung M-TP in the image of a lonely king.

The male singer’s long hair look also attracts attention because it is completely different from the familiar, modern Son Tung M-TP.

Lac drift also shows the 9X boy’s efforts to renew himself in terms of songwriting.

`People follow the scent of flowers and clouds spread out. The fog and smoke fade away, carrying someone far away. Alone, I linger on memories in the drunkenness of a sad rainy afternoon. Stop the tears that make my eyes sad. The old road where our ancestors said goodbye…`

The reason why Son Tung's MV 'Lac Drift' set a viewership record

The male singer had to endure the pain of hair extensions to have a new image.

Lac drift’s lyrics are not easy to remember or memorize compared to songs like Yesterday’s Em or Fading Warm Sun by Son Tung M-TP.

In return, Lac drift has an attractive melody.

Triple D molded Lac drift into Future Bass music.

DJ and producer Slim V – who collaborated with Son Tung M-TP in the 2015 Light Harmony program – commented: `Future Bass is a fairly new music genre and is popular this year.

Lac drift also follows the trend of bringing ethnic materials into music products for young people, thereby inheriting and promoting the spiritual values of the Vietnamese people.

Musician Tu Dua shared that he was quite excited to enjoy Son Tung’s MV Lac drift.

Musician Khac Hung agrees that the Lac drift remix is good, with harmony between modern and traditional music.

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