The Ministry of Health changes its Covid-19 treatment strategy 9The Ministry of Health changes its Covid-19 treatment strategy 9

Mr. Khue said on August 13 that with the rapid spread of the Delta variant, the number of Covid-19 infections is rapidly increasing, creating pressure on treatment facilities.

Epidemiological analysis, clinical cases, 80% of patients have no symptoms or mild symptoms.

`From this clinical model, we draw some experience in treatment strategies,` Mr. Khue said.

Previously, there were 3 treatment levels: severe patients were treated at the central hospital, moderate patients were treated at the provincial level and mild patients were treated at the district level.

First, hospitals nationwide need to prepare at least 40% of their beds to welcome Covid-19 patients.

In addition to field hospitals specializing in treating Covid-19 patients, other hospitals must be split into two, performing dual tasks in parallel: treating regular patients and treating Covid-19 patients.

In particular, according to Mr. Khue, based on international experience and pathological symptom models, the health sector has developed pilot guidelines for treatment and management of infections at home.

Previously, the Ministry of Health had specific, detailed, and scientific instructions for managing F1 and F2 cases at home.

In particular, in addition to monitoring instructions, the Ministry of Health notes the isolation of infected cases from family members, ensuring no cross-infection to the family and community.

Director of Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Management Luong Ngoc Khue.

However, the Director of the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Management also emphasized that the model of managing and treating Covid-19 cases at home must be applied in the right place, in the right conditions.

`Ensuring separate living, separate eating, separate drinking or care conditions that meet requirements… is an issue that needs to be paid attention and considered to put into practice,` Mr. Khue said.

The Ministry of Health is piloting this model in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces with increasing disease cases.

`The 5K + vaccine + medicine + technology strategy must be thoroughly implemented. These issues need to ensure integration and smooth integration within the regions,` Mr. Khue said.

To manage infections at home, the issue of medication use at home is also very important.

In addition, according to Mr. Khue, psychiatric consultation is also an important issue in treatment.

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