The little prince is cared for by a 71-year-old nanny 0The little prince is cared for by a 71-year-old nanny 0

Princess Diana, Prince William (green shirt) and nanny Jessie Webb (sitting next to Diana) at an event at Prince Harry’s school.

Mrs. Webb, 71 years old, is retiring, and is happy to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although she is a bit worried about starting a full-time job again.

The elderly nanny was described by staff working within the British Royal Family as someone trusted by the couple.

William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, chose Jessie to be the prince’s main nanny before he turned 7 and went to school, while his father, Prince Charles, planned to choose someone else at the royal school.

Mrs. Jessie, from East London, is said to be a strong woman, educated in a traditional environment.

Princess Diana thought that Jessie would help her in educating the princes about fairness, compassion and also bring joy to her children.

When William was young, the prince was a vulnerable and confused boy when he witnessed his parents arguing.

`Jessie is very good with the princes and William knows it best. Prince Charles also loves her. Princess Diana may even be a little jealous because she is funnier and the princes love to hang out with her.`

Another person recounted: `Mrs. Jessie quite likes polo. She arranged for the boys to compete and the princes really liked it.`

At some of the prince’s birthday parties and the Royal wedding a few years ago, Mrs. Jessie was highly respected and invited to attend.

The little prince is cared for by a 71-year-old nanny

Kate, William and their first son.

Princess Catherine, 31 years old, is known for her style as a modern mother and receives a lot of support from her mother, Carole Middleton.

The couple was advised to ask for help, at the latest by the end of the summer, because taking care of children is very tiring.

A source close to the royal family said: `The couple knows they can’t do everything. And they are also afraid of rumors that she depends too much on her mother.`

A Royal staff member commented: `Jessie is an ideal choice. Everyone loves her. She is discreet and old, she will not brag and show off in the press.`

William still contacts Kate and his son every day via the Internet and `he misses his wife and children so much. It took him two weeks after being away from them to sleep well again,` a source said.

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