The Government will report to the National Assembly on the East Sea 5The Government will report to the National Assembly on the East Sea 5

The above information was said by Mr. Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Chairman of the National Assembly Office, at the press conference announcing the program of the 7th session of the 13th National Assembly, taking place from May 20 to June 24.

According to Mr. Phuc, the Deputy Prime Minister will present Vietnam’s policies and solutions to the East Sea issue, so after the meeting, some report contents will be announced.

Answering the question about whether the National Assembly will issue a resolution or declaration related to the East Sea issue, Mr. Phuc said that we must wait for the Government’s report as well as gather voters’ opinions in the report of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Sea.

`If it is necessary to discuss and express attitudes on the East Sea issue, the National Assembly will arrange a time and method appropriate to reality,` Mr. Phuc said.

Regarding compensation for damages caused by the recent act of taking advantage of protests to cause trouble, Mr. Phuc said we must wait for specific statistics for each case and each locality.

The Hai Duong 981 oil rig that China illegally placed on Vietnam’s continental shelf.

The National Assembly Spokesperson also thanked parliamentarians, international organizations, and people of many countries for supporting Vietnam in the East Sea issue and opposing China’s placing of oil rigs in waters under our country’s sovereignty.

`The socio-economic situation in the first 4 months of the year is favorable, both production and budget revenue are increasing, so there is no need to discuss adjusting the growth target set by the National Assembly,` Mr. Phuc affirmed.

In addition to the East Sea content, within 28 official working days, the National Assembly will spend 3/4 of the time making laws.

Many bills will be voted on such as the Law on Public Investment, the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Health Insurance, the Law on Environmental Protection, the Law on Bankruptcy, the Law on Customs, the Law on Immigration,

Other proposed laws for comments are the revised Enterprise Law, the Investment Law, the Social Insurance Law, the revised Real Estate Business Law, the Housing Law, the revised People’s Public Security Law and the revised Law.

Delegates simultaneously voted to approve the Resolution amending and supplementing a number of articles of Resolution 35/2012/QH13 on obtaining votes of confidence and voting for people holding positions by the National Assembly and People’s Council.

Notably, the Resolution on building and implementing the general education textbook program after 2015 was removed from the work program on the grounds that there would be more time to prepare, complete the project and present it.

This time, the National Assembly spent 2.5 days for questions and answers.

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