The data scandal pushed Facebook deeper into crisis 2The data scandal pushed Facebook deeper into crisis 2

Facebook is facing a crisis that CNBC calls `an unprecedented test` related to user data.

The most alarming thing about the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica is that this media company did not violate any regulations.

Facebook is in trouble because of a scandal related to user data.

This scandal highlights a problem in Facebook’s business of exploiting user data.

Aleksandr Kogan – Cambridge University Professor accessed the data of more than 50 million Facebook users by creating a survey completed by 270,000 people.

Kogan only violated Facebook’s policies when selling user data to third parties, including Cambridge Analytica – a data research firm run by former assistant to President Trump – Steve Bannon and sponsor Robert Mercer.

However, even Facebook admitted to CNN that it cannot monitor developers and advertisers’ use of user data.

The limitations of Facebook’s ability to monitor data are further demonstrated in Professor Kogan’s sale of data to third parties.

“Protecting user information is at the heart of everything we do,” said Paul Grewal, Facebook’s legal representative.

The data scandal pushed Facebook deeper into crisis

Mark Zuckerberg lost 5 billion USD after yesterday’s trading session because of the Facebook scandal.

Facebook said it has been helping users better manage the personal information shared with app developers and advertisers since 2014. However, these measures cannot ensure that some people still have

Meanwhile, in the US Congress, discussions among regulators are getting hotter.

Senator Amy Klobuchar called on Zuckerberg to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain Facebook’s disclosure of 50 million American users’ information as targets for political ads and voter mobilization.

However, Zuckerberg and Facebook’s board of directors have not yet made any move.

“We are conducting comprehensive checks both internally and externally to determine the accuracy of the information and Facebook data that has not been deleted.

The above scandal comes at a time when Facebook is facing a series of questions about the appeal of this platform, at least in the US.

The scandal involving Cambridge Analytica could accelerate users’ boredom with Facebook.

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