The combat system on the US warship deployed in Truong Sa 0The combat system on the US warship deployed in Truong Sa 0

Missile destroyer USS Lassen patrols the sea.

On October 27, US defense officials said the US Navy destroyer USS Lassen approached Subi and Mischief Reefs in the Spratly Islands, where China illegally built artificial islands from

USS Lassen is an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis missile destroyer of the US Navy, which has been in service since 2001. Among the US Navy’s 33 newest Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyers, USS Lassen (

The destroyer USS Lassen is equipped with the Aegis combat system, integrating all sensors and weapons on board into a unified control system to combat threats from enemy anti-ship missiles.

The Aegis combat system consists of four different parts, including the AN/SPYT-1 multifunctional radar, the command and decision system (CDS), the Aegis display system (ADS), and the control system.

This 155-meter-long ship is equipped with 56 Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missiles, including land-attack cruise missiles guided by navigation systems, and inertial-guided anti-ship missiles.

In addition, Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are also equipped with Standard SM sea-to-air missiles guided by inertia or command.

To fight enemy warships, Arleigh Burke-class destroyers like the USS Lassen are equipped with eight Harpoon sea-to-sea missiles and the ASROC anti-submarine system.

The 127 mm MK45 cannon is equipped with a Kollmorgen electro-optical sight system at the front of the ship that can destroy surface ships, enemy aircraft and bombard targets on the coast to support amphibious operations.

The combat system on the US warship deployed in Truong Sa

The MK45 cannon on the USS Lassen opens fire.

The MK45 cannon has the ability to load automatically, has a fully automatic fire control mechanism, and can fire all 20 bullets in about a minute.

Self-defense ability

While performing maritime patrol missions, USS Lassen may face provocative actions, even collisions and hostile behavior from the enemy.

Almost the entire ship (except for the two aluminum funnels) is made of hardened steel, with key areas protected by two layers of steel and Kevlar armor.

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers use modern radar systems to continuously search and detect targets in the air and at sea and control fire.

When detecting an incoming enemy missile or torpedo, the ship’s electronic warfare system will issue a warning signal and take timely self-defense actions, such as firing flares and thermal decoys to deceive.

USS Lassen is equipped with a Sippican SRBOC six-barrel flare system to fight missiles and an AN/SLQ-25A trap system to eliminate the threat of enemy torpedoes.

In addition, on board is a Sea Sparrow missile manufactured by Raytheon.

The ship’s close-range defense capabilities are completed by two six-barrel Phalanx MK15 20 mm cannons capable of firing extremely fast to destroy missiles that penetrate the perimeter defense system.

The USS Lassen is equipped with four GE LM 2,500 gas turbine engines, each with a capacity of up to 33,600 horsepower, allowing it to maneuver very flexibly at sea with a maximum speed of nearly 60 km/h.

According to military experts, with the ability to maneuver quickly, attack and defend strongly, the USS Lassen is very suitable to perform patrol missions to protect freedom of navigation at sea.

The combat system on the US warship deployed in Truong Sa

The destroyer USS Lassen shows off its firepower

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