The 'battlefield' between Trump and Biden is the fiercest 1The 'battlefield' between Trump and Biden is the fiercest 1

Since April, the Pittsburgh metropolitan area has recorded $21 million in election advertising spending on television and radio, the third highest among major US metropolitan areas, according to data from Advertising Analytics.

President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Latrobe City, Pennsylvania, September 3.

Biden and Trump also made efforts to increase their presence here.

`There are a few million people here who are quite independent, have historical ties to the labor movement and the Democratic Party’s kind of labor-side politics, but there are also some groups of people who are ideologically independent.

In fact, voters in Pittsburgh are very worried about the direction of the country and hesitant to make any comments about how the election will play out.

`The country is in turmoil and that’s certainly something that’s being felt here,` said former Pennsylvania Republican congressman Keith Rothfus.

From his home in Mt.

`I just have a feeling like that. I’m not sure why. It’s just that sometimes you have a hunch,` Wolk said.

Wolk, 74, no longer has that premonition, but adds that she has never seen America in turmoil like it is today.

Wolk has seen his town trend leftward in recent years, especially under the Trump administration.

But about 30 km away, in Washington County, where President Trump won more than 60% of the vote in 2016, his supporters have a completely different view of last summer’s social movements.

`I’m so tired of hearing about Black Lives Matter all day long,` Dave Clark, 70 years old, shared.

Trump and Biden’s special interest in Pennsylvania is very understandable.

`This is a place that once supported Trump, so Biden needs to make an effort to convince voters to change this result,` commented Democratic senator Pam Iovino, representing the Pittsburgh suburbs.

Biden’s supporters expressed extreme distaste for Trump, criticizing his policies such as separating refugee families at the US-Mexico border or his handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

Bob Fleming, 78 years old, a resident of the town of Bridgeville, a suburb of Pittsburgh, said he could not understand why people still supported Trump.

`I can’t believe him,` Fleming asserted.

But on the other hand, Trump supporters have the same thoughts on a series of issues.

In interviews last week, these voters made it clear that they do not blindly support Trump but are satisfied with what he has achieved.

According to Clark, President Trump `has proven that he always tries to keep his promises.`

For Democrats, the goal is to capture Trump-supporting votes in the counties surrounding Pittsburgh, and they hope that Biden’s messages of siding with the working class and urging unity will help him succeed.

Meanwhile, Republicans believe that the fact that an encouraging number of voters of this party registered to vote is evidence that Biden will encounter difficulties in his efforts to realize the above goal.

The 'battlefield' between Trump and Biden is the fiercest

Joe Biden attended a meeting with union leaders in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, September 7.

A recent RealClearPolitics poll shows Biden leading Trump by 4 percentage points in Pennsylvania, while according to NBC News/Marist poll results, Biden is leading by 9 percentage points and he is performing better in Pennsylvania.

Voters found that Biden handled racial issues and Covid-19 better than Trump, but Trump performed better on economic issues.

However, 2016 polls about Clinton’s advantage in Pennsylvania were ultimately incorrect.

A poll conducted by Monmouth in July found that 57% of Pennsylvania voters believe there are still underground Trump supporters in their community.

Another difference in this year’s election in Pennsylvania lies in the signs.

But Biden is also gradually asserting his presence.

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