Tension surrounds the early ballot box in the US 3Tension surrounds the early ballot box in the US 3

The rally supporting US President Donald Trump in Nevada City, California, with about 300 people took place while the early voting process was underway.

Officials say the election is going relatively smoothly, considering the still complicated Covid-19 context and fierce divisive sentiment.

This situation is said to reflect the level of tension surrounding this year’s presidential election, when more than 33 million Americans voted even though election day was nearly two weeks away.

Supporters of President Trump and Democratic candidate Biden gathered in Sterling, Virginia, USA, on September 5.

Natalie Adona, an elections official in Nevada City, confirmed that voters said they `felt uncomfortable.`

`This is so wrong. We are moving very quickly to handle the problem,` the official said.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

`As long as political supporters keep an appropriate distance from the polling station as required by law, they have the right to express their personal views under the First Amendment,` McDonald said.

Last week, at a polling station in a church in the city of Hendersonville, Summer County, Tennessee, a person drove back and forth in a large trailer truck flying pro-Trump flags, playing loud music from the speakers, `

`I just stopped him, said you better leave the area. However, legally, there’s nothing I can do,` Ashley said, explaining that the man was not within range.

According to video sent to news channel KRQE, the convoy of vehicles including several vehicles flying Trump flags in the city of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, honked loudly and shouted near an early voting station on October 17.

Covid-19 also caused the government to set additional rules when voting, such as maintaining social distance between voters, thereby slowing down the process.

According to Stephanie Lillo, a 30-year-old voter voting at the Coral Ridge shopping center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a group of people not wearing masks on October 19 shouted loudly at other voters around them.

In some localities, voters also expressed concerns about law enforcement officers standing too close to ballot boxes.

Pennsylvania law prohibits police from moving within 100 feet of a polling station unless they are voting themselves or deployed to maintain order, but allows authorized persons to continue voting.

Sean Kilkenny, sheriff of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, said there have not been any incidents requiring the intervention of authorized personnel.

`Our localities and our country are in tumultuous times. People just want to feel safe,` Kilkenny said.

Many voters across the country are complaining about partisan overzealousness around polling stations.

Melissa Johnson, director of the Randolph County Election Commission, also said a polling station manager reported a similar incident.

However, disruptive behavior also occurs outside buffer zones, where authorities do not have much authority to deal with it.

`But unfortunately, we cannot stop them from speaking out. We just politely ask people to respect the voters, adding that what they do cannot stop the voting process,` said Meloni Wray, director of the commission.

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