Taiwan conducts anti-landing simulation exercises 2Taiwan conducts anti-landing simulation exercises 2

Taiwan’s defense forces yesterday began a computer exercise, simulating a situation to prevent an amphibious operation by the Chinese mainland army (PLA).

The computer-based exercise aimed to test the Taiwan defense force commander’s ability to apply appropriate defense strategies and synergies between different forces in a scenario where the island is attacked, the defense agency said.

Taiwanese pilots participated in the live fire phase of the annual Han Quang exercise in July. Photo: Taiwan Defense Agency.

Officials at the American Institute in Taiwan, Washington’s diplomatic mission on the island, were invited to witness the exercise, a source in the defense forces said.

`Previously, the US Indo-Pacific Command sent officers and military experts to observe computer exercises and provide advice after each scenario simulating PLA attacks.

The exercise was held at the Taiwanese self-defense force’s training base in Taipei City, using the Joint Theater Level Simulation System (JTLS) to conduct hypothetical scenarios.

JTLS is designed to create a realistic simulation environment so commanders can operate in real-life situations, helping them hone their decision-making skills and find ways to respond to attacks.

Taiwan conducts anti-landing simulation exercises

Taiwan conducts defense exercises

Taiwanese defense forces conduct defense exercises in Taichung, July 2.

Relations across the Taiwan Strait have recently become tense, after mainland China and the island increased military exercises.

Truong Triet Binh, deputy head of Taiwan’s defense agency, said Beijing’s actions `threaten peace and stability in the region` and `endanger international aviation`.

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory and is willing to use force to unify it if necessary.

In June, the Chinese Air Force repeatedly sent fighters, bombers and transport aircraft close to Taiwan after the island tested a missile believed to be the Thien Cung 3 model with a range of 200 km.

Taiwan conducts anti-landing simulation exercises

The Taiwan Strait is located between the island of Taiwan and mainland China.

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