Sichuan dishes attach great importance to flavor changes, clearly distinguishing light, heavy, and heavy. 3Sichuan dishes attach great importance to flavor changes, clearly distinguishing light, heavy, and heavy. 3

Sichuan dishes attach great importance to flavor changes, clearly distinguishing light, heavy, and heavy.

Despite the rapid spread of nCoV, stores in Daegu still try to attract customers.

`Everyone is scared and doesn’t want to take risks,` taxi driver Park Seon-gyu said, looking out at the deserted street.

Employees of a store at Dongseong-ro shopping area, Daegu, South Korea wait for customers on February 21.

Korea does not strictly control the travel of people in places affected by the Covid-19 epidemic such as Daegu, nor does it ban tourists from China.

This approach reflects the political differences and challenges facing South Korea, where people regularly protest and a former president was most recently ousted after public anger.

Meanwhile, the number of nCoV infections in Korea continues to increase.

Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said his goal is to test everyone with symptoms within the next month, open temporary monitoring stations across the city, and mobilize local medical staff.

All public libraries, museums, churches, nursing centers and courts in Daegu are closed.

However, South Korean Deputy Minister of Health Kim Gang-lip stated that the government `has no intention of blocking the area like China did with Wuhan`.

Delivery people continue to drive motorbikes across Daegu to deliver food to households who now mostly eat at home.

Daegu residents are also trying to regain their normal rhythm of life, like Kim Hee-sook, who did not leave her house for five days due to fear of a virus she `cannot see, smell or touch`.

`I’m sick of having to stay indoors all day watching TV. Due to lack of exercise, I lost my appetite, started having indigestion and insomnia. If I continue to stay indoors, I think I will die from

Despite efforts to escape the `frozen` situation, Daegu people still seem unable to dispel worries about the Covid-19 epidemic.

The number of passengers on subway cars is only about half of normal.

When night falls, the city becomes quieter and darker.

However, without such drastic measures, Daegu has already become the country’s `stepchild`.

`My cousin in Seoul said I didn’t need to come to her son’s wedding. Even though she said it very politely, I understood that she didn’t want to bring any virus from Daegu to Seoul,` the talent said.

Many Daegu residents vented their anger at Shincheonji, the sect of `Patient 31`, who is said to have `spread the virus` throughout the area.

`I don’t care if they are a cult or not. What makes me angry is that many members went into hiding instead of cooperating with the government to prevent the spread of the virus,` said Park Ji-hyok, a 25-year-old university student.

Even before the epidemic appeared, the Tan Thien Dia sect also made surrounding people feel uncomfortable.

`They were very noisy when they sang and prayed together,` said Cho Sook-ja, who lives in an apartment behind the church.

Cafes, restaurants, and even banks near the Shincheonji Church in Daegu were closed, while a post office and a pet store remained open.

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