Seven reasons why Mourinho should not return to Chelsea 2Seven reasons why Mourinho should not return to Chelsea 2

Not sure if it was successful

A series of titles over three years of his first term turned Mourinho into an immortal legend in the hearts of Chelsea fans.

The victories with the old generation of key students such as Drogba, Lampard, and Terry have helped Mourinho establish legendary status at Chelsea.

True disciples have left or are no longer at the top

Didier Drogba is now playing for Galatasaray.

Roman Abramovich’s habit of being impatient with coach

70 million pounds, although just a drop of water compared to the sea of money that Russian billionaires poured into Chelsea, can still be seen as an iconic number at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho himself received part of that money (18 million pounds) and was a victim of the Russian boss’s militaristic style of football when he was fired at the beginning of the 2007-2008 season, despite bringing the club to the club for five years.

Seven reasons why Mourinho should not return to Chelsea

Inviting and friendly, but Abramovich can also quickly change his attitude towards the coaches, if the team does not quickly reap titles.

Great opportunity from the collapse of the Barca empire

Football always witnesses cycles of success.

If he leaves at the end of this season, Mourinho will only be remembered as a good coach, but not up to the greatness of Real Madrid.

Seven reasons why Mourinho should not return to Chelsea

The fading and gradual collapse of the Barca empire opens up great opportunities for Mourinho to assert his name in Spanish football in general and Real Madrid in particular.

The truth ‘should not bathe in the same river twice’

The history of English football has recorded cases of coaches returning to the team where they once led, achieving success only to suffer heavy defeat, from little-known managers like Steve Coppell (Crystal Palace).

Returning to Chelsea, it will be difficult for Mourinho to become coach of Man Utd

Mourinho has long been considered the ideal candidate to lead MU once coach Alex Ferguson retires in the next year or two.

If he succeeds at Chelsea in his second term, his name will be closely associated with the London team, which is MU’s big rival, and `Red Devils` fans will find it difficult to accept a name like that to lead the team.

Seven reasons why Mourinho should not return to Chelsea

Replacing Ferguson to lead MU is also a peak of fame that Mourinho needs to consider for the future.

The British media is not as friendly as Mourinho thinks

When hinting at his intention to leave Real after the defeat in the Champions League semi-finals, Mourinho said that in England, he is loved, both by fans and the media, not hated by the media like in Spain.

The British media themselves are also waiting for his return, but not completely because they are waiting to be his friend and praise him.

* Funny collage about the event Mourinho is about to leave Real.

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