President Trump's brainstorming when confronting the `pan of fire` Iran 1President Trump's brainstorming when confronting the `pan of fire` Iran 1

(Dan Tri) – President Donald Trump seems to still be thinking about a strategy to deal with Iran after a series of recent tense incidents, including the downing of a drone.

Iran releases video of shooting down US drone

President Donald Trump is in a difficult position in tense relations with Iran (Illustration: Yahoo News)

President Donald Trump said on June 20 that he did not believe Iran intentionally shot down a US drone and that this was probably just an `accident`.

“It could have been a general or someone who was negligent in shooting down the drone,” President Trump said in the Oval Office while sitting next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The downing of the drone seemed to `coincide` with the scenario warned by a senior US general earlier this week about the risk of Washington’s military response, and drawing the US into a conflict.

“We have been very clear in our message that if they want to directly confront US military forces, or US interests and citizens in the region, we will respond,” General said.

Navy Colonel Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Central Command – the unit responsible for US military operations in the Middle East, confirmed that Iran shot down the RQ-4A Global Hawk drone in

“The information given by Iran that this plane flew over Iran (airspace) is incorrect.

Colonel Urban’s use of the word `weapons` in his statement is similar to General Selva’s previous warning.

“If Iran attacks American citizens, American assets or the American military, we reserve the right to respond with military action.

However, President Trump yesterday seemed to downplay the importance of the US plane being shot down, while many people worry that this incident could lead to a new military conflict in the Middle East.

“We don’t have anyone inside the plane.

Amid escalating tensions in the Gulf, President Trump and members of his administration still affirm that they do not want to go to war with Iran, even as the US has increased its military presence in the region.

At the re-election campaign kickoff event on the evening of June 18, President Trump reiterated the stance that is considered a key content in his campaign efforts in the 2016 election, which is to oppose `the

Despite President Trump’s anti-war statements, tensions continue to escalate between the US and Iran.

The `hawk` voices

President Trump's brainstorming when confronting the `pan of fire` Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (right) and National Security Advisor John Bolton (Photo: AP)

Tensions in the Gulf escalated right at the time the Trump administration’s national security leadership team was in crisis.

Meanwhile, two of the most hawkish members of the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton, have publicly warned Iran not to provoke the United States.

“The president’s (Trump) strategy towards Iran is to use maximum economic pressure, while preventing Iran’s bad actions.

A former US official commented that President Trump is reluctant to mobilize troops with Iran, but he is willing to do so if it is necessary.

“The president does not want war, but he will use force to protect American interests,” the former official explained.

In a letter sent to Yahoo News on June 19, Pentagon spokeswoman, Navy Commander Rebecca Rebarich, said: `We do not seek conflict with Iran and want to resolve disagreements through negotiations.`

While President Trump’s stance on Iran is still unclear, his administration is increasingly seeing tough voices appear.

Recent comments by advisor Bolton and Secretary of State Pompeo on Iran are even tougher than President Trump’s.

As President Trump’s national security advisor, Mr. Bolton is responsible for supporting the White House boss’s agenda and leading the coordination of government agencies to ensure these agencies comply.

President Trump seems to want to avoid war with Iran.

`President Trump sent Prime Minister Abe to deliver his message to Iran’s leadership,` Pompeo said during a visit to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where US Central Command and Operational Command are located.

Prime Minister Abe’s trip seems to further emphasize the Trump administration’s approach to attracting allies.

Until yesterday, President Trump had not shown clarity on US actions in response to Iran after the downed drone.



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