Nicknamed 'tycoon' and 'muse' of the Trump couple 0Nicknamed 'tycoon' and 'muse' of the Trump couple 0

US President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

The US Secret Service uses nicknames for the US president, first lady and other important people they protect.

In September 2015, Mr. Donald Trump said that he liked to be named Humble (humble).

`I didn’t choose it. They chose it. They used it,` he told People┬áthis September.

The chosen nickname must be a word that is easy to pronounce and understand to convey information well over the radio or phone.

Traditionally, the nicknames of all presidential family members begin with the same letter.

A source close to Mr. Trump said that after the agency in charge chose the letter `M` for Mr. Trump’s family, they listed about 10 names starting with this letter for him to consider.

When People suggested that Melania could be named Model, Mr. Trump replied: `I don’t know. But she is a very successful model so it could be.`

However, according to CNN, the name Model was not chosen for the future US first lady but instead was the word Muse (muse).

Most nicknames are not chosen according to logic.

Mr. Trump’s deputy, Mike Pence, is nicknamed Hoosier (Indianaman) possibly because he is the governor of Indiana.

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