Neymar's curse 3Neymar's curse 3

* Barca – PSG: 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 17, Hanoi time.

Neymar started and assisted Moise Kean to score the only goal to defeat Caen in the third round of the French National Cup on February 11.

Then there were the gloomy words on Instagram: `Endless sadness, endless pain and endless regret.`

Neymar suffered a serious injury

Two tackles injured Neymar in PSG’s win over Caen on February 11.

The results of the scan the next day showed that Neymar had a groin injury, had to rest for about a month, and almost certainly missed the reunion with Barca in both matches of the 1/8 round of the Champions League.

In December 2020, Neymar’s father complained about the situation of field violence that had a terrible impact on his son, asking `when will this end?`, and threatening: `If we let it survive

This week, it was Neymar’s turn to complain: `In the near future, I will once again not be able to do what I love most, which is playing football,` he wrote after being confirmed with a groin muscle injury.

This confession reveals the constant instability in Neymar’s France.

Neymar's curse

Neymar was injured and PSG once again faced a gloomy prospect in the Champions League, at the most important moment.

The fact that Neymar is `bullied` by his colleagues and the French media may stem from jealousy towards one of the highest-paid players in the world, or from the fact that defenders in France are `irritated` with his greed.

But according to France Football, above all, Neymar was so sad because he couldn’t reunite with Barca – the confrontation he was looking forward to and wanted to attend to regenerate his love for the ball – as he said – after struggling with

The reunion evoked memories of March 2017, when Neymar was still playing for Barca.

It also recalls the story of Neymar defecting from Barca to PSG in 2017, a painful transfer to the Catalan team, and leaving unsurmountable sadness for his teammates at the old club.

Neymar's curse

Neymar wants to reunite with Barca to relive the sublime feeling like when he shined to help Barca overcome PSG in the 1/8 round of the Champions League four years ago.

There was even news that many players, including Messi and Suarez, were willing to let the team delay their salary payments to save money to welcome Neymar back in the summer of 2020. But that failed.

If Neymar reunites with Messi, this could happen at PSG.

Barca coach Ronald Koeman was angry with this reaction from the French media, saying it was a sign of `disrespect`.

Compared to his predecessor Thomas Tuchel, Pochettino participates more in sideline events related to PSG, although in the immediate future, he will have to solve the problem of missing both Neymar and Di Maria in the first leg against Barca.

In the domestic tournament, Pochettino is used to the absence of Neymar.

Neymar's curse

Pochettino faces the biggest challenge as PSG coach when he has to find a way to fight Barca without Neymar.

As someone who likes to experiment, it is not surprising that Pochettino uses domestic matches to come up with many different solutions.

If the above players can show their bravery in big matches without Neymar, the chance for Pochettino to take PSG past Barca is completely bright.

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