Nearly 10,000 drug registration certificates are about to expire 8Nearly 10,000 drug registration certificates are about to expire 8

According to the Pharmacy Law, in order for drugs to be legally circulated on the market, they must be registered for circulation by the enterprise – this is a mandatory condition.

On April 13, the Ministry of Health reported to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam that more than 6,400 domestic drug registrations, nearly 3,000 foreign drug registrations, and 351 vaccine and biological product registrations will expire on December 31.

Many questions such as how the expiration of marketing registration certificates affects the pharmaceutical market, which drugs are at risk of lack of supply, the progress of processing renewal documents… were asked by VnExpress.

Explaining the reason for the delay in renewing the circulation registration certificate, in its report to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health said that in recent times it has focused on epidemic prevention, production activities, evaluation, certification and legal documents.

In terms of procedures, the appraisal process to renew a drug registration certificate takes a lot of time.

According to the process, if the application meets the requirements and is quickly appraised, after 6 months the Advisory Council will issue a circulation registration certificate.

The Ministry of Health plans to prioritize the processing of license applications that expire early in May, and at the same time propose the Government to reduce procedures, allowing the drug circulation registration certificate to be maintained for 12 months so as not to interrupt the supply.

Regarding this issue, on April 17, the Government Office announced the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, requesting the Ministry of Health and the General Department of Customs to remove obstacles related to customs clearance procedures for imported drugs;

Molnupiravir medicine was produced at Boston Vietnam Company, Binh Duong, February 23.

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