Mysterious ghosts in palaces and palaces in Beijing 3Mysterious ghosts in palaces and palaces in Beijing 3

Beijing was the capital of many Chinese kings.

Forbidden City – rumors about palace maids not being present

Located in the heart of Beijing, for 600 years, the Forbidden City was the imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

The Forbidden City is also known as the Imperial Palace.

A soldier working in the citadel recalled that on the afternoon of October 1995, his patrol group met a long-haired woman wearing a black cloak in the royal palace.

In 1992, after a thunderclap in the rain, the red wall at the Imperial Palace suddenly showed the image of a palace maid passing by.

Rumors about ghosts still do not stop.

Hoa Than’s royal palace – the white-clothed ghost of his stillborn wife

Outside the Forbidden City, Hoa Than’s Royal Palace is very imposing and majestic.

Mysterious ghosts in palaces and palaces in Beijing

Hoa Than was once a favorite of King Qianlong.

Hoa Than also had a crowded harem with more than 80 concubines.

Since then, people began to rumor that the Palace was also haunted by the `ghost` of Phung Thi.

Library of Ngo Tam Que – the soul of his beloved concubine who fell out of favor

Mysterious ghosts in palaces and palaces in Beijing

The story of this general was also made into a movie.

Tung Pha Do Library, located at Thach Ho Lane No. 7, Tay Thanh District.

Ngo Tam Que had a concubine, Tran Vien Vien.

Ho Quang Assembly Hall – throw stones into the garden and you will hear curses

Mysterious ghosts in palaces and palaces in Beijing

Many stories rumored around the clubhouse also involve a housekeeper here.

Ho Quang Assembly Hall is rumored to be haunted because it was built on a piece of land that used to be a cemetery.

The project is located along Ho Phuong bridge, Tuyen Vu district.

Beijing residents also tell each other about other scary places, such as: the Trieu Noi church – where screams can often be heard echoing along the corridors at night, after the wife of an official who lived here lost her mind and committed suicide.

Or the tomb of Vien Sung Hoan, a talented general and loyal to the Ming Dynasty but was framed and sentenced to burial.

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