Many countries evacuated citizens from Afghanistan 2Many countries evacuated citizens from Afghanistan 2

European countries and the European Union (EU) are trying to evacuate local citizens and employees from Kabul on August 15, after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance `is helping keep Kabul airport open to facilitate and coordinate evacuation operations` after consulting with member countries.

A US military helicopter flies on the roof of the US embassy in Kabul on August 15.

The EU is trying to find a solution to evacuate Afghan employees because of concerns that they may face retaliation if they stay, and is also trying to convince 27 member states to grant them visas.

Germany, France and the Netherlands were among the countries that moved diplomatic staff to the airport ahead of the evacuation.

He said a Bundeswehr plane departed on the night of August 15 to Kabul to help with evacuations in the coming days.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is planning to deploy troops to Afghanistan to evacuate German citizens and Afghans from the threat from the Taliban, German parliamentary sources said today.

`An ‘air bridge’ will be established in Kabul, allowing the evacuation of local staff, vulnerable women, human rights activists and staff of NGOs,` the source said.

The German government estimates that about 2,000 people need to be evacuated.

Germany began removing staff from the embassy on August 15, after moving them to safety in the military zone at Kabul airport.

Germany withdrew its last soldiers from Afghanistan at the end of June, after 20 years of being stationed in the NATO mission.

Many countries evacuated citizens from Afghanistan

The plane carrying British embassy staff and British citizens evacuated from Kabul landed at RAF Brize Norton airport, southern England, on August 16.

France announced it would evacuate the first Afghan citizens and colleagues from the capital Kabul to a base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on August 16.

`We have planned to carry out the first rotation now and at the end of August 16,` said French Defense Minister Florence Parly, saying several dozen French citizens would be evacuated.

The French base in the UAE `will serve as a military hub ensuring travel between Abu Dhabi and Kabul, and then repatriation to France`, she added, saying diplomatic staff were among the

`We prioritize the evacuation of Afghan personnel who have contributed to our country by helping us every day, also trying our best to protect rights defenders, human rights, journalists, artists,

The military operation called Apagan included two French air force transport aircraft, a C-130 and an A400M, which left France late on August 15 for the UAE.

Other NATO members including Britain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Spain also announced the evacuation of embassy staff.

`Our priority is to ensure we fulfill our obligations to all those who have helped Britain in Afghanistan for more than 20 years and get them out as quickly as possible,` Johnson said.

The Italian Ministry of Defense said the first military aircraft will arrive in Kabul on August 15 and begin emergency evacuation operations.

A Pentagon official said that US President Joe Biden on August 15 authorized the deployment of 1,000 US soldiers to Kabul to assist in evacuating thousands of American and Afghan civilians.

Canada is temporarily closing its embassy in Kabul after evacuating staff from the Afghan capital, according to the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 15.

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