Jubilant snow festival in Sapporo 2Jubilant snow festival in Sapporo 2

The weather in Hokkaido in winter is quite cold due to the influence of winds blowing in from Siberia.

Although the resorts are not as large as European ski hills, Hokkaido has its own charm for beginners and experienced skiers who like to experience vertical slopes and ski slopes.

Sapporo city in white snow winter.

Niseko Hirafu area has 57 slopes, 28 lifts with floodlit slopes, for snowboarding even after the sun has set.

Traveling on the glacier is also a hobby for many tourists.

Most ski resorts are open from early December to late April. The Sapporo Snow Festival is usually held during the first week of February. Dog sledding races are often held at Wakkanai on the Cape.

Jubilant snow festival in Sapporo

Giant snow sculptures created by artists from around the world.

Every year at the beginning of February, tourists and teams from all over the world  come to Odori Park in Sapporo to participate in the snow festival.

Coming to Hokkaido, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful dance performances on the white snow background of Japanese cranes.

For the Japanese people, the crane is a symbol of longevity and prosperity.

Jubilant snow festival in Sapporo

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Chitose International and Domestic Airport is about 30 km southeast of Sapporo.

Hokkaido has a perfect railway system.

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