Japanese company uses drones to 'chase' employees home on time 0Japanese company uses drones to 'chase' employees home on time 0

Japanese company uses drones to ‘chase’ employees home on time

Drone `T-Frend` during the presentation on December 7.

A drone named `T-Frend` will fly around in the air and emit a typical Scottish `o e` melody, causing employees who try to stay late to work late at night to stand up and leave.

`You can’t work knowing that ‘that machine could come to you at any moment’ and you’re going to have to listen to the song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and the hum of the plane,` Mr. Norihiro Kato,

Japanese media reported that Taisei cooperated with drone manufacturer Blue Innovation and telecommunications company NTT East to create this unique drone.

However, professor Seijiro Takeshita at Shizuoka University believes that this is not an effective way to solve the painful problem of `karoshi` or `working to death` in Japan.

`This method is quite silly. Companies do this just for show,` said Professor Takeshita.

Sociology professor Scott North at Osaka University said that even if robots are used to intervene and force workers to leave work on time, they can still cope by taking work home.

`To cut down on overtime hours, it is necessary to reduce workload,` Professor North emphasized.

By law, working hours in Japan are 40 hours per week.

Quartz cited survey data from the Japanese Ministry of Labor showing that 1/4 of companies in this country record employees working 80 hours of overtime per month.

Victims who die from overwork in Japan often suffer from heart failure or depression leading to suicide.

In addition, Japanese people often do not use all their vacation days as prescribed.

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