It is difficult for India and China to de-escalate the border 2It is difficult for India and China to de-escalate the border 2

Major General Liu Lam, commander of Chinese military forces in the Southern Xinjiang region, on June 30 met with Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, commander of the 14th Indian Army Corps, in Chushul, Ladakh to discuss measures to reduce tension.

Indo-Chinese military commanders have `made some progress` in taking effective measures to withdraw troops from the disputed area, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said later.

Indian fighters fly patrols around the town of Leh, near the Chinese border, on June 24.

The Global Times newspaper said the two countries had agreed to withdraw soldiers at the border `in stages`.

However, Indian media reported that during the 12-hour meeting, the two sides were still unable to determine the details of the troop withdrawal.

Forces on the border of India and China have been clashing since late April and early May at many locations along the LAC, between the Indian-administered Ladakh region and Chinese-controlled Aksai Chin.

Experts say that the discussions between Indian and Chinese generals do not seem to have achieved any specific results.

Deputy Director of Fudan University’s Asian Research Center Lin Minwang said that this confrontation between India and China could last until the weather in the Himalayas forces it to end.

Sun Shihai, an expert on China-South Asia relations at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the lack of mutual trust between the two sides and differences in their perception of the issue will cause the talks to be mixed.

While negotiations were taking place, India still sent reinforcements and air defense and air force assets to the border area, and rushed to buy many weapons from Russia.

`The most optimistic scenario is that India and China will continue to confront for a while, worse still there is the possibility of another brawl between the two countries,` Sun said, saying that even though the leadership

`Maybe they will have to meet many more times, but the two sides talking is much better than fighting,` Sun Shihai said.

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