India deployed a trio of missiles near China 2India deployed a trio of missiles near China 2

`The BrahMos hypersonic missile with a range of 500 km, the Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile with a range of 1,000 km and the Akash medium-range air defense missile deployed in Ladakh play a core role in deterring Chinese forces.

Sources said that India deployed this trio of missiles to the Ladakh region to `cope with the worst scenario` after the Chinese military deployed missiles with a range of 2,000 km and long-range air defense systems.

Nirbhay rocket launch vehicle during the military parade in the capital New Delhi in 2018. Photo: PIB.

`The BrahMos missile carries a 300 kg warhead, enough to handle airfields in Tibet and Xinjiang, as well as warships in the Indian Ocean. They have been deployed in large enough numbers in the Ladakh region and can be

Meanwhile, Nirhbay missiles are deployed in relatively small numbers, but are capable of hitting targets from 1,000 km away, possessing the ability to fly close to the sea and circle over the target area.

Indian officials said the Akash air defense system located in Ladakh is equipped with a Rajenda three-coordinate passive electronically scanned array radar, which can track 64 targets at the same time and control missiles to attack 12 targets simultaneously.

India deployed a trio of missiles near China

The positions of Indian and Chinese soldiers have clashed in recent months.

Tensions between India and China have escalated along the undemarcated border between the two countries since early May, culminating in a deadly brawl on June 15.

Senior defense officials from India and China met on September 21 to discuss the disputed border and agreed to `avoid misunderstanding and misjudgment` and `avoid unilaterally changing the situation`.

India and China are rushing to move food, fuel, polar clothing and many other supplies to the border area, preparing for the upcoming period of severe winter weather.

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