Iker Casillas and the tragic ending of a monument 2Iker Casillas and the tragic ending of a monument 2

In a tearful summer, Liverpool said goodbye to Steven Gerrard, Barcelona said goodbye to Xavi, and Bayern Munich just sent Bastian Schweinsteiger to Man United.

Yes, 25 years.

Casillas could have gone away with acclaim and glory and honor.

Yet in his final years at the Bernabeu, Casillas was the subject of debate by the press.

That call comes from Jose Mourinho’s statement at the end of 2012. In the match against Malaga that Real lost 2-3, Mourinho implied that Casillas – who had to sit on the bench that match – was a spy when he leaked information.

Don’t know when to stop

Since that Christmas season of 2012, Casillas’ image in the eyes of fans has changed.

That final was followed by a humiliating World Cup – where Spain was eliminated in the group stage despite being the defending champions.

Iker Casillas and the tragic ending of a monument

Casillas used to be very special in the eyes of Real fans.

Then Real recruited Keylor Navas, the best goalkeeper in La Liga at that time and had just had an extremely successful World Cup with Costa Rica.

Casillas loves Real very much, there is no doubt about that.

He chose to stay, trying to cling to the familiar goal, only to witness the legend called `Saint Iker` crumble day by day, while the team he loved fell into turmoil.

Iker Casillas and the tragic ending of a monument

Casillas shed tears during the press conference about leaving Real.

Sometimes the best way to keep good memories is to let go.

At Real, what you did in the past has absolutely no meaning in the present.

Casillas’s parents strongly criticized the way Real’s Board of Directors treated their son, but perhaps Casillas should blame himself more.

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