Highest resolution photo of snowflakes 0Highest resolution photo of snowflakes 0

Myhrvold’s highest resolution photos of snowflakes.

The cold of a winter storm makes most people just want to stay indoors, but Nathan Myhrvold is the opposite, because the colder it is, the more opportunity he has to capture the most perfect snowflakes.

Taking photos of snowflakes is nothing new.

With a doctorate in physics and theoretical mathematics from Princeton University, and 14 years of experience working at Microsoft, Myhrvold has relied on his background to create a special camera system that allows taking pictures of snowflakes with

Highest resolution photo of snowflakes

100 megapixel snowflake camera made by Myhrvold.

This system, in simple terms, is a combination of a microscope and a regular camera, with several parts working in parallel, allowing 100 consecutive photos of each snowflake to be taken before

To slow down the disintegration of snowflakes, the Myhrvold camera is equipped with a thermoelectric cooling system.

`Light can melt snowflakes, so I went to a company in Japan that specializes in manufacturing LED lights for industrial use. Not only did the flash in my camera radiate less heat, but it was also faster

Collecting samples to take photos is also not easy.

Highest resolution photo of snowflakes

Myhrvold used a black sponge to collect snowflakes.

Realizing that the glass surface on the microscope is not a perfect material to retain heat, the researcher used an artificial sapphire material with a lower thermal conductivity rate – similar to a high-end watch face – to replace it.

Myhrvold is still upgrading his snowflake camera and hopes one day it can connect to a 3D printer to create the most realistic snowflake models.

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