He is confused about the power vacuum amid Covid-19 2He is confused about the power vacuum amid Covid-19 2

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was appointed as an alternative leader in case British Prime Minister Boris Johnson cannot run the country and has chaired daily meetings on Covid-19.

Mr. Raab declared that the government would continue Johnson’s path to deal with the increasingly complex epidemic, but refused to comment on the decision to relax lockdown measures next week according to the timetable set by Prime Minister Johnson.

Foreign Secretary Raab spoke at 10 Downing Street on April 7.

Foreign Secretary Raab was repeatedly asked whether he had the authority to make important decisions in Prime Minister Johnson’s absence, in the context of Britain’s growing confusion about its leadership role.

However, he has not spoken directly with Johnson since April 4 and it seems that the British government does not have a consistent strategy on the country’s blockade, as ministers have different views on the issue.

An anonymous source in the British cabinet said Prime Minister Johnson will still be the one to approve important decisions as long as he is able to express his thoughts.

The British Prime Minister’s Office is seeking to clarify the role of Foreign Secretary Raab, saying he can decide on security issues, including running meetings of the National Security Council.

The British government has guidance documents on how to appoint leaders when the Prime Minister loses the ability to govern, but it is classified as `top secret`.

Britain’s alternative leadership chain contrasts with the US, where this is enshrined in the constitution.

Even before Johnson was admitted to hospital, the ambiguity had sparked reports of infighting among ministers, with allies of Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, who is self-isolating

Foreign Secretary Raab will become interim prime minister if Johnson dies, but there is no guarantee he will receive the support of the remaining 24 members of the cabinet.

It is likely that there will be a race for the leadership of the ruling Conservative Party if Johnson has to leave the Prime Minister’s position.

He is confused about the power vacuum amid Covid-19

Finance Minister Sunak in Downing Street on April 6.

Michael Heseltine, former British deputy prime minister from 1995-1997, called for greater clarity on the role and power of Foreign Secretary Raab.

Heseltine said that this is very difficult because Raab is surrounded by people who know Johnson well and think that the British Prime Minister will recover soon.

This is increasingly urgent as the decision to extend the blockade or not needs to be made in the next few days.

A senior official in the British government said Foreign Secretary Raab could be granted the right to appoint an interim minister if Prime Minister Johnson takes a long-term leave and many cabinet members fall ill.

Many British parliamentarians also called for the development of a power transition process to avoid causing confusion about the leader when cabinet members cannot work.

`We never thought about the Prime Minister being unable to work because of an illness like this, as well as who would take over and transfer power. The Cabinet Office has a secret plan just in case.

Covid-19 has appeared in more than 200 countries and territories, causing more than 1.4 million infections and more than 82,000 deaths.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle, USA, has just published research predicting that the UK will record about 66,000 deaths due to nCoV in August, becoming the country to suffer the most serious consequences from the disease.

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