Hat market in the dark of Go Gang 2Hat market in the dark of Go Gang 2

The first special feature of Go Gang market is that the market opens at dusk and closes at dawn.

The second special feature is that the market only sells one item: rough conical hats and hat making supplies.

The beauty of the hat market in the early morning.

Although it is a market, the Go Gang night hat market is not noisy and noisy, just enough to disturb a quiet corner of the countryside.

At the hat market, the buyers and sellers seem to know each other, their way of addressing is full of intimacy, and their accent sounds sincere.

Hat market in the dark of Go Gang

The hat has been preserved in the market for many generations.

Go Gang hat market was formed during the Tay Son period, the craft village was born mainly to serve the soldiers of King Quang Trung with the name horse hats.

Having gone through many historical events and changes over time, the Go Gang hat now is a combination of details between the Hue poem hat and the old Tay Son horse hat.

From South to North, Go Gang conical hats have become a familiar item for workers, for women who go to the market and go to the temple.

Go Gang has a hat of loyalty

Here I have a card with you, my dear!

Hat market in the dark of Go Gang

The market sells hats and hat-making products.

If you have the opportunity to pass by An Nhon in Binh Dinh, don’t forget to take the time to stop by this unique market to feel more about the cultural beauty of this sunny and windy but deeply sentimental land and to reminisce.

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