Haaland was criticized for 'the worst foul in history' 6Haaland was criticized for 'the worst foul in history' 6

In the 45th minute, when Man City was leading 0-1, Rodri flicked the ball down the right side of the penalty area for Phil Foden to head one touch to Haaland’s position.

According to Opta, the probability of this shot being successful is up to 89%.

Commenting on Sky Sports, famous player Gary Neville was also shocked by the Man City striker’s miss.

During halftime, former Man Utd captain Roy Keane commented: `It’s unbelievable. I can’t explain it. Haaland just needs to head or touch more gently. Haaland probably thought he had scored already.`

Former Man City defender Micah Richards said: `Look at Rodri’s reaction, he can’t believe it. Haaland can’t believe it either.`

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Haaland put his heart in the far corner and beat Onana, sealing a 3-1 victory for Man City in the second half.

In the second half, Foden shined with a double and then it was Haaland who set the score for Man City in the first minute of injury time.

After the match, coach Guardiola was satisfied with the fact that Haaland quickly forgot the missed situation to do it again, and considered this an important factor in making a great player.

The victory over Man Utd helped Man City have 62 points, maintaining a gap of one point behind top Liverpool.

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