Griezmann and the tragedy of surplus people at Barca 1Griezmann and the tragedy of surplus people at Barca 1

When he decided to leave Atletico Madrid for Barca in the summer of 2019, Griezmann must have thought this would be a place for him to `settle down and settle down`.

The draw with Atletico on June 30 was the first time the French striker had to sit on the bench for two consecutive matches since joining Barca.

Since Spanish football returned after being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Barca has played a total of six matches.

But Setien seemed to have more faith in Fati than the 2018 European Bronze Ball when he put this young talent on the field five minutes before Griezmann in the match against Atletico.

In the series of four matches mentioned above, Barca dropped six points and missed a step on the La Liga championship track.

Griezmann and the tragedy of surplus people at Barca

The difference between Barca and Atletico during the `cooling-break`.

In the 2-2 draw with Celta Vigo, television caught captain Lionel Messi ignoring instructions from Setien and assistant Eder Sarabia.

A source close to Griezmann even added fuel to the fire by directly criticizing coach Setien: `Barca hasn’t won any match in which he has had to sit on the bench recently and Setien needs to know that. This is

Griezmann has only just arrived at Camp Nou since the summer of 2019, after a series of controversial controversies between Barca and Atletico.

Griezmann’s way of announcing his decision to stay or go was learned from LeBron James – the basketball superstar who announced that he was leaving his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat through the program `The Decision`, on ESPN.

Just one year later, this player turned 180 degrees and went to Camp Nou.

Griezmann and the tragedy of surplus people at Barca

Griezmann joined Barca with great expectations last summer.

Ironically, Griezmann not only learned a new style of playing football but also… played a completely new position.

That is the position where Griezmann became the 2018 World Cup champion with the French team and became Euro 2016 top scorer. But at Barca, it is also the position of the best player in world history and cannot be moved.

El Pais newspaper commented: `Griezmann’s position is where Messi dominates. He could play in Luis Suarez’s position, but they put him on the left wing. Griezmann is the type of player who knows how to escape from the back.

According to WhoScored, left striker is the position Griezmann has played the most this season at Barcelona with 17 times.

Griezmann was mainly used in the center of attack when Suarez was injured.

Griezmann and the tragedy of surplus people at Barca

Griezmann now has to rank behind his junior Fati in coach Setien’s personnel priority for the attack.

Against Atletico Madrid, Setien removed one striker and brought in young midfielder Riqui Puig, increasing the number of Barca midfielders to four.

Perhaps Griezmann never thought there would be a time when he would fall into a similar situation as Philippe Coutinho – another talented attacker who could not integrate at Barca despite being brought in for a record price.

Both have been on their way out of Camp Nou, and a similar fate may await Griezmann – who will never be able to become the new Neymar.

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