Greece alerts the military because of tensions with Türkiye 3Greece alerts the military because of tensions with Türkiye 3

After a state of high alert was declared, the Greek army asked all navy and air force officers on vacation to return to their units to be on duty.

Greece called on Türkiye to `stop illegal activities`, and expressed concern about escalating tensions with the US, Israel, France and a number of other European Union (EU) countries.

`Our country does not threaten anyone, but it cannot be blackmailed,` Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared on August 12.

Turkish drilling ship Oruç Reis.

Tensions between Greece and Türkiye escalated, causing many countries to express concern.

`Türkiye should stop its exploration activities to facilitate peaceful dialogue between neighboring NATO members,` Macron posted on Twitter, describing the situation as `worrying` and blaming `the decisions Turkey’s unilateral decision` increased tensions.

After Macron expressed concern about the situation in a phone call with Mitsotakis, the French Ministry of Defense said it had dispatched two Rafale fighters, the helicopter carrier Tonnerre and the corvette La Fayette to the eastern Mediterranean.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis on August 13 thanked Macron, calling the French President `a true friend of Greece and a passionate defender of European values and international law`.

Josep Borrell, head of EU foreign policy, described the deployment of naval forces to the region by the parties as `extremely worrying`, while the alliance was rushing to organize a meeting.

On August 10, the Turkish Navy suddenly issued a maritime instruction, stating that the drilling ship Oruç Reis would explore in the disputed area with Greece until August 23.

Greece claims its islands, no matter how small, have their own continental shelf.

Greece alerts the military because of tensions with Türkiye

The Aegean Sea lies between Greece and Türkiye.

Senior Greek officials said that this country and Turkey `almost clashed` in July, when Ankara announced the dispatch of the drilling ship Oruç Reis to the disputed area of the southern Aegean island, in the autonomous municipality of Kastellorizo.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel then called and called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to stop the exploration activities.

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