Granddaughter says Trump family sees illness as 'weakness' 3Granddaughter says Trump family sees illness as 'weakness' 3

Mary Trump said on October 4 that the illness was considered `unacceptable` by US President Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump.

`That’s why America is in the terrible position it is today, because he cannot accept weakness when he himself is sick or others are sick,` the US President’s niece added, mentioning

Mary Trump also mentioned Fred Trump Jr., her father who died of alcoholism and the eldest brother in the US President’s family.

Mary Trump, you call US President Donald Trump your uncle, in an interview on September 13.

The niece of the US President recounted the medical history of her family members and their attitude when sick.

Mary added that when her grandmother suffered from osteoporosis, was discharged home from the hospital and needed more care and therapy, her grandfather `could not bear` this.

When asked if she had heard any information from her family about President Trump’s condition after being infected with nCoV, Mary said she did not know anything.

Information from Mary Trump came after knowledgeable sources on October 3 revealed that Trump had a fever and hypoxemia on the morning of October 2, after he announced he was positive for nCoV, but the President still did not want to enter the hospital.

White House Doctor Sean Conley, who specializes in updating President Trump’s health, also admitted on October 4 that he tried to hide the fact that he had to breathe oxygen when his blood oxygen level dropped due to a high fever that day.

Mary, 55 years old, rarely appears in public, except for noises related to family discord.

Robert Trump, the younger brother of the US President and Mary Trump’s uncle, during his lifetime accused his niece of creating sensational news and falsifying family relationships for financial gain.

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