Ghost hunting journey in Norway 2Ghost hunting journey in Norway 2

The Lothes Mat & Vinhus Restaurant, Haugesund

After a long day visiting Haugesund, visitors will be guided by a tour guide to the restaurants serving the most delicious dinners here.

The Lothes Mat & Vinhus Restaurant.

This building was built in 1850 and burned in 1905, killing an unfortunate man.

Ullensvang Hotel, Lofthus

Leaving Haugesund, visitors continue to visit Hardangerfjord, Lofthus, famous for its colorful orchards and luxuriant flowers.

Ghost hunting journey in Norway

Ullensvang Hotel, Lofthus today.

It would be a pity if after a long day of sightseeing, you miss out on spending the night at Ullensvang Hotel.

Utne Hotel, Utne

After spending a good night’s sleep at Ullensvang Hotel, visitors will stop at Utne Hotel after a day of traveling here.

Ghost hunting journey in Norway

Utne Hotel today

The second ghost is said to be that of an 18-year-old girl who died jumping out of the window of room number 15. According to legend, her ghost still lurks in this place.

Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand

Located on the shore of Sognefjord Bay, Kviknes is one of the most beautiful places in the hotel and motel system in Norway.

Ghost hunting journey in Norway

Kviknes Hotel today.

The Fretheim Hotel, Flåm

According to veteran employees of Fretheim, after the hotel owner’s wife died in 1909, the owner’s cousin, Marthe Fretheim, came to manage the hotel until her death in 1933. However, the spirit

Mette, the hotel’s manager, said she always felt Marthe’s spirit in this place.

Ghost hunting journey in Norway

Fretheim Hotel today.

During the recent hotel renovation, the workers working in the room Marthe had previously lived in were tapped on the shoulder by someone.

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